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tanith Thu 28-Jun-12 20:47:35

I have a bit of dilemma , my grandson is getting married on Sunday and he popped in tonight just to see us for the last time as a singleton (sweet of him) and I just in passing mentioned the buttonholes. Now he hasn't had very much to do with the organising of the wedding as his MIL to be is very overbearing and he and his lovely fiancee have had numerous difficulties with her and its all been very problematic but they have gotten almost to the day now. When I mentioned buttonholes he said oh we've only got them for the best men and myself and a couple of others and sounded very vague and I don't know what to do now, I thought that at least close relatives were expected to wear a buttonhole and I don't want to cause a last minute panic by telling them they need to buy more buttonholes or if in fact he is just got his facts wrong.. so do I go and order buttonholes for myself and my OH or would it not matter if we didn't wear buttonholes?. I don't want to turn up having bought them only to find that they have already bought them...
oh dear am I making a mountain out of molehill?

whitewave Thu 28-Jun-12 20:51:34

It wouldn't matter if you bought a couple of neutral ones. If the brides family have purchased buttonholes for all the nearest and dearest you can discreetly loose yours. Boys are usually vague about these things, and if MIL is bossy I am sure she would love to get a phone call from you and tell you what is what!! Enjoy the day - eat drink and be merry!!

Butternut Thu 28-Jun-12 20:54:44

We've just had a family wedding, and I didn't wear one (mother of the groom) but the bride's mother did, as well as some of the men. They all came out of the garden and were all slightly different. How about just picking a few flowers and keeping them ready just in case, then you've not had to go to any expense. Do they all have to match?
I'm sure it'll be a wonderful wedding, with or without buttonholes. smile

tanith Thu 28-Jun-12 20:56:21

Thanks whitewave I think I'll do as you suggest and just buy something simple that I could 'lose' if necessary..

Annobel Thu 28-Jun-12 21:17:17

I didn't wear a buttonhole for my DS's wedding. I thought they were becoming a bit passé. I also rejected them for my niece's and nephews' weddings. I thought my outfits were good enough without this extraneous adornment and also that the pins required to attach them would damage the material. tanith, if your DS's future in-laws are providing buttonholes/corsages, they should really ask you what colour you will be wearing.

Bags Thu 28-Jun-12 21:22:12

Never even thought about buttonholes for my wedding! Whatever you decide, tanith, I hope the day goes splendidly and that you enjoy it all.

tanith Thu 28-Jun-12 22:00:20

Thanks everyone I'm sure it'll be a lovely day with or without blooming buttonholes...

glassortwo Thu 28-Jun-12 22:38:56

tanith I would not worry too much, just enjoy the day. sunshine

nanaej Thu 28-Jun-12 23:30:44

Just had to look at DDs wedding pics to remember what they did! It looks like any male who had a 'role' had a button hole! Groom, best man, FoB FoG and a couple of ushers! No women had a corsage but you could have one without looking out of place! In try1he past the brides family often provided a flower for all men guests but that would be very expensive and unnecessary!

have a lovely day..fingers crossed for sunshine.

tanith Thu 28-Jun-12 23:38:31

I did take a look online and corsages or buttonholes were very expensive but I'm sure if I decide to buy them our local florist will do a them for a better price. After reading all the posts I'm probably not going to bother as it seems perfectly acceptable to not wear buttonholes.. thanks everyone for the input..

mrshat Fri 29-Jun-12 13:35:10

tanith at my DDs wedding November 2010, only the bridal party had buttonholes, Groom, Best man, ushers, MOB, FOB, MOG, FOG. I think that buttonholes for the rest of the guests does not 'happen' any more. smile

absentgrana Fri 29-Jun-12 13:39:45

tanith It's up to whoever is organising the wedding (bride's parents/happy couple) to provide buttonholes for any guests, such as the best man, ushers, bridegroom's father, who they want to wear buttonholes. If they want all the guests to wear them, they must provide enough. Feel freer to wear or not wear buttonhole/corsage to suit yourself.

tanith Fri 29-Jun-12 14:12:59

Thanks absent and mrshat , what you've said absentgrana has got it straight in my mind thankyou.. I'm not going to bother.. now where is that confetti!!