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Have we become too technical?

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Nelliepara10 Thu 21-Nov-13 22:32:58

My television won't come on tonight. Not the end of the world I know but I was looking forward to a couple of programmes. I got the manuals out of the cupboard and in the FAQ section there was nothing to help if TV does not come on. The little box comes on but that is no use if the TV won't. So I looked at the back and pushed all the wires in and was overcome with a genuine desire to be dealing with an old black and white TV with just one wire and plug. On my hands and knees tried all the switches at the front. I then studied the three remote controls, nothing! I will have to ring the shop tomorrow and seek assistance.

Why does Man make life so complicated? My house is almost lost in a trail of wires from TV and computer, yoghurt pots fall over in the fridge because the shelves have too much space between them, if certain light bulbs go all the lights go off. If anything goes wrong with TV, computer, oven etc you need a degree to understand the manuals. Now I could cope with this if there was a handyman I could ring. I do have two good workman - a decorator who takes light shades down, washes them and puts them back, takes the curtains to the cleaners and puts them back. My gardener left school at 15, became head gardener at a large park, passed all the horticultural exams and taught in the local centre. Of course Mr Gove would class them as failures as they failed the 11 plus. Please someone find me a little old fashioned workman and a television engineer.

shysal Thu 21-Nov-13 22:58:27

I remember the days when our TV was rented from Visionhire, which was a popular thing to do, as they would send out an engineer for any repairs, which were free. Nothing these days is easy to mend or maintain, almost considered disposable.
I hope you get to the bottom of the problem soon. When I couldn't get my TV to come on, I found that I had to press the AV button on the television remote control and choose the correct output, which was AV1 with the box or TV without.

Tegan Thu 21-Nov-13 23:16:03

Nellie; this might cheer you up. Since having a water meter fitted I've been obsessed with not wasting water, so you can imagine how I felt when one tap in the bathroom started dripping [cold tap sink] then another [hot tap sink]. Turned both taps off so tight they don't drip but can't be used. Used bath tap. Last week hot bath tap starts dripping so have done the same. Now down to one tap [cold water bath] and having to use the shower to get hot water for washing hands. Phoned up a plumber to come and fit new washers; said he'd phone me back [didn't; reckon job's too small]. When my grandson watched me fill a bucket with some hot water to wash his hands tonight he says 'granny, time you got a few things fixed in this house' [forgot to say; loo doesn't flush properly but there is a way to do it except it's a bit fiddly]. My daughter explained to me how to replace the washers [didn't offer to help me, though sad]. Oh, my son did try to get the telly in the kitchen working properly [ couldn't get a couple of channels and the remote control had stopped working]. After he left turned it on; result, no channels at all. I feel so stupid when I can't fix things.

glassortwo Fri 22-Nov-13 08:10:03

tegan I would just search it out the tasks needed on You tube and then do it myself, if your house is like ours its easier just to do it yourself.
The feeling of satisfaction is like no other when you tell them I have done it myself. grin

Tegan Fri 22-Nov-13 10:32:00

The problem is that, although a lot of the pipework is new due to having the new boiler fitted there is a lot of very old stuff and even my ex who did a lot of work on the house [fitted a shower etc] isn't sure which bits turn other bits off and I'm scared to attempt anything in case it gets worse before we go away for a week. Not having a combi means the tank has to be drained after the water has been turned off in the street and I have to get the taps off to see what is actually going wrong [then I might end up calling someone out as an emergency]. I wanted this plumber to go through the whole system and work out what's where for future reference [I did tell him that]. I'm sure he's just forgotten to phone me back but I'm scared to ring him in case he just doesn't want the job. I will have a look on utube though, to see if I can piece together how to do it [for someone that lives on utube I hadn't thought to do that blush]. I was given the number of a chap who rents himself out for the day [he did jobs for where I worked] and my boss says if you save up lots of things that need doing he puts in a full days work and will do everything on the list that you ask him to [the mind boggles confused].

sunseeker Fri 22-Nov-13 10:56:11

I am so lucky to have a very helpful and patient brother in law!!

I recently had one of the recessed lights in the bathroom go. Trying to be independent I looked up on YouTube how to change it. The little film showed someone using a flat head screwdriver to ease out the spring which holds the bulb in place. I tried and couldn't get the blasted thing to move so when brother in law next called in asked him to have a look - the fitting I have is apparently different, I should have been just squeezing the ends together! Indulgent smile from brother in law and bulb changed!

He has also fixed a leak in my roof, built a log store and put in some steps for me.

Charleygirl Fri 22-Nov-13 10:59:47

sunseeker where does he live?

sunseeker Fri 22-Nov-13 13:13:06

I am keeping that secret Charleygirl!

Nelliepara10 Sun 24-Nov-13 01:10:26

Thanks for your support it's good to know I am not the only one.

The TV is fine now and do feel a bit of an idiot. My sister had called round earlier and decided to vac the living room carpet whilst I made a drink. She plugged it into the extension lead rather than into wall socket.

The next day whilst on the phone to the retailer who had sold me the tele a few years ago. He remarked that it could only be the plug and to check it was in properly. Lo and behold it was firmly in place and it was only then I realised that the extension lead had been switched off.


feetlebaum Wed 18-Dec-13 16:53:22

Nellie - I'm sorry to say I laughed aloud! Quite cheered me up, that did.

rosesarered Wed 18-Dec-13 17:11:39

I am a bit of a technophobe too, yes, I can use the computer [though not fix it] use the kindle and complicated sky tv set up [but don't have a clue if something doesn't work.]my young grandson kindly shows me how to use an iPad in the kind of voice used to a toddler or nincompoop!So, I get by, but only just. Reminds me of my own Grandma years ago, who was scared of using a public phone saying 'button A' 'button B' too many things to press!
Now I know the feeling.confused

Ariadne Wed 18-Dec-13 17:20:17

Lovely story! MY last GP always said "Let's start simple, shall we?"

But, to reply to the OP's question - I think we are very, very lucky to have such technology available to ease our daily lives. My Christmas Sainsbury's order arrives tomorrow; all my Christmas shopping was done online;(except for interesting little bits!) my Kindle has books still to be read; my banking is done online; i do crosswrods on my phone or play scrabble in waiting rooms; my electric hob "sings" when it is still hot and so on and so on.

mrsmopp Fri 02-May-14 19:02:02

Here's a good thing about technology. Last night I went to my local cinema and watched King Lear, with Simon Russell Beale, beamed from the National Theatre, live, to cinemas all over the world.
Look at the website, you can see the best opera and ballet for the price of a cinema ticket.
I think it's brilliant, let's embrace modern technology for the wonder that it is.

Arena Sat 10-May-14 15:00:02

Yes, those are brilliant.
My son has appeared in a couple of those. Affordable and convenient.


suzieq Mon 26-May-14 08:46:26

When my husband was an engineer for the manufacturer of hospital equipment, he once drove from south Cheshire to Barrow in Furness to switch a machine on. Needless to say, he always asked the question on the phone after that, even though he got short shrift from some people.
He is, of course, very useful around the house...but then I have my uses too.