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seasider Sat 21-Jun-14 07:44:57

Went to see Rod Stewart last night. It was a fab show on a beautiful evening. We worked out that Rod is 69 now (older than many on GN) but his energy was amazing! Maybe because he has a young wife and family? Perhaps GN should try and get him in for a web chat.

janeainsworth Sat 21-Jun-14 07:57:35

My SiL went to see him last week. He complained to DD that the audience were 'mainly women your mother's age' grin

Kiora Sat 21-Jun-14 08:03:06

He's one of those lucky people who sound better and look better as they age. envy not many of them around.

seasider Sat 21-Jun-14 08:06:56

The majority of the audience was people of a certain age but DD and her friends went and really enjoyed this show too. Rod is a great live entertainer and made a point of saying that there would be no miming and we would get what we paid for!

ninathenana Sat 21-Jun-14 08:10:17

Ooh, lucky you. I'm not jealous, honest grin

kittylester Sat 21-Jun-14 08:21:04

Nor me Nina envy

henetha Sat 21-Jun-14 10:34:45

I'm SO envious, Seasider. envy I adore Rod Stewart. And I am truly glad you enjoyed it, in spite of my envy (one of the 7 deadly sins.... Note to self, -Must do better"

KatyK Sat 21-Jun-14 11:10:16

He does look good. My two sisters have loved him since day 1. I remember going to a small venue in Birmingham to get tickets for them in the '70s. The tickets were £1 each! They still go to see him every time he comes to Brum, dragging their husbands along. Needless to say the tickets are a tad more than £1!

seasider Sat 21-Jun-14 23:55:02

Hi yes the tickets were considerably more than a pound but I did think he was worth the money. He performed a good mix of new and old songs. The only disappointment was that he did not do an encore just disappeared off stage when the fireworks started but he had done a two hour set!

merlotgran Sun 22-Jun-14 00:02:31

Lucky you, seasider, I love Rod Stewart.

SueD Sun 22-Jun-14 16:41:46

We were fortunate to see him at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Huge venue and no empty seats. Fantastic evening and worth every penny. We had originally booked to see Barry Manilow but.hecancelled the show. Think he was in for more plastic surgery!

Scooter58 Sun 22-Jun-14 17:42:27

Went to see Rod at Elland Road Leeds in 2011,he was brilliant.Went with my pal Jan and she loved it.So glad I have that memory as Jan died suddenly in October last year aged 55.