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time goes by.

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gordino Wed 30-Sep-15 22:50:08

hi folks, just thinking whos been on here the longest.

Anne58 Thu 01-Oct-15 08:09:57

Well, don't know exactly who, but I have been here since the beginning, I won one of the very first prizes offered. "Sign up for this brand new site, and be in with a chance to win a Nintendo DSX" (I think?) And I did indeed win onesmile

ninathenana Thu 01-Oct-15 08:39:15

I think I'm an original grin November 2011

shysal Thu 01-Oct-15 08:54:25

I was one of the first. My profile says May 2011, when did it start?

mcem Thu 01-Oct-15 09:04:26

Still no profile - but read and posted on the first day - May 2011.

Lona Thu 01-Oct-15 09:07:59

I was on here on the first couple of days, May 2011.

kittylester Thu 01-Oct-15 09:24:10

I think I was June or July 2011 and if we every get our profiles back I will be able to be more exact! sad

annodomini Thu 01-Oct-15 09:30:42

Early June 2011. I remember the people who welcomed me included Notso, number and glassortwo, among others.
Where are those profiles?

Teetime Thu 01-Oct-15 09:31:13

Cant remember when I started but early on then left for a while and came back.

numberplease Thu 01-Oct-15 18:23:20

I think I was here in May 2011, if not, definitely no later than June.

shysal Thu 01-Oct-15 20:33:15

You can view info from your own profile by finding the title in the shortcuts list at the bottom of the page (on desktop view), but it still won't save any changes or show details to others. It has been ages hasn't it?sad