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Men's ear and nose hair

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phantom12 Wed 11-May-16 08:21:38

I would love to hear what the rest of you think about men's ear and nose hair. It really makes me cringe. With my own husband I tried all sorts of hints, such as commenting about other men and saying I hated it and also suggested that he tried out our new Turkish barber who somehow burns it off! All my hints were ignored so I presented him with an ear and nose hair trimmer. I think he used it once and now we are back to square one. What can you do without being downright nasty. He asked me to do it for him but I just can't. Maybe ears at a push but not the nose. I make sure that I don't grow a beard and moustache so why can't some men be bothered with grooming!

grumppa Wed 11-May-16 09:03:20

I don't think about it; I trim it regularly. Have you any children who could nag him on your behalf?

phantom12 Wed 11-May-16 09:10:35

Yes I did think that might be the next step.

vampirequeen Wed 11-May-16 09:32:26

I hate it. Fortunately DH does too so trims his regularly.

Using the children/grandchildren sounds like a good idea.

Teetime Wed 11-May-16 09:42:20

DH has a beard but beautifully groomed. His barber takes care of his other hairy bits (not those ones naughty) every four weeks which seems to be enough but he has a beard trimmer with attachments (I know not what) for in between. I don't know what you can suggest but Lysistrata comes to mind. smile

Gagagran Wed 11-May-16 09:42:50

I tell my DH when his nose needs doing and he does it using the battery trimmer I bought for him. I do cut his hair using the electric hair trimmer every 4 or 5 weeks and trim his eyebrows at the same time. He always says "Thank you - you've just saved me ยฃ10"! grin

aquagran Wed 11-May-16 09:47:35

I hate it! Met someone on holiday, up his nose looked like "Winter Wonderland"! I couldn't look, but also couldn't stop looking! Couldn't eat with him, put me off my food...not an easy thing to do.

fiorentina51 Wed 11-May-16 09:55:54

My DH got the hint pretty quickly when I regularly complained about the bogies dangling from his nose hairs. His nasal cavity is regularly pruned now. The main area of contention now are his eyebrows. They are a vivid ginger colour and totally dominate his face, making him look permanently angry. Don't know why but he flatly refuses to trim them even when they cascade down in front of his eyes and obscures his vision!

Linsco56 Wed 11-May-16 10:59:56

Not just hairy nose and ears. When on holiday last year and lying by the hotel pool a man walked up to the pool and honestly I have never seen anyone with so much body hair!! He was covered from top to toe Yuck! Worse was to come, when he emerged wet from the pool the hairs hung like a wet fur coat! Put me off my lunch (and that takes a lot!) grin

PRINTMISS Wed 11-May-16 11:05:46

My husband now has very little hair on top, but it is constantly growing just under his chin and ears, a bit tufty - never had that before, and it looks dreadful! Unfortunately, because he cannot see close up he has difficulty shaving anyway, to it is sometimes left to me to take off the offending growth, which I hate doing.

Madge64 Wed 11-May-16 11:26:15

When my OH took DGS, age 7, to his first proper football match and they were sitting side by side, my DGS asked my OH "why have you got a beard in your ear?". I do try and keep the ear and nasal hair and eyebrows trimmed when I cut OH's hair about every four weeks.

majorcagirl Wed 11-May-16 12:05:46

OH uses a turkish barber who takes care of unwanted hair. he also trims his eyebrows.

LouiseMLP Wed 11-May-16 12:13:39

Oh Madge64 your DGS's comment is hilarious :0)) I will use this on my husband. He does keep on top of his grooming himself but the pesky hairs occasionally grow much quicker than he expects.

lizzypopbottle Wed 11-May-16 12:18:51

Linsco56 I saw that very same man in the swimming pool at Lancaster University several years ago! ๐Ÿ˜ฑ His body hair was ginger, total and very long, rather like an orang utan! Maybe he suffers from hirsutism, poor guy, but he'd have to trim, shave or wax if I was his partner.

firebird33 Wed 11-May-16 12:42:50

Help! I have a nasal hair problem developing myself and don't know what to do with it. Tweezers are too painful, cream in that area wouldn't be good. What works and is painless?

lizzypopbottle Wed 11-May-16 13:37:22

firebird be brave, embrace the pain, eye watering and sneezing fits and persevere with the tweezers! When I hear my son sneezing uncontrollably, I know he's been pulling out nose hairs ๐Ÿ˜€

aquagran Wed 11-May-16 13:51:56

You can buy a little gadget like a mini electric razor. Should be used every week without fail!

Grannygee Wed 11-May-16 14:17:43

My husband has ear and nose hair and his eyebrows grow too long. I hated it too and the only solution was to use a gadget to do his ears and nose then trim the eyebrows with scissors. Once it's done it's done for a couple of weeks. My husband doesn't mind and I think he looks so much better once he's 'clean'! Nose hairs are particularly horrible as the odd bogey can be there! Ewwww! They also tickle when they kiss you! smile.

TizzMee Wed 11-May-16 14:38:27

Firebird33 I have the same problem. I bought a nose trimmer and I think this is making the problem worse. Lizzypopbottle probably has the right idea, but ow, that'll hurt. shock

Squaredancer Wed 11-May-16 14:42:16

When my husband had lots of hair and the children were small, I used to cut the children's hair and sometimes my own to save money. Husband wouldn't let me anywhere near his. Now we are retired and not so strapped for cash, husband has less hair on top but bushy sideboards, hairy ears and bushy eyebrows, he now asks me to trim his hair!! I made him buy an electric trimmer so now it is very quick to give him a tidy up. The first time was a bit scary, I was frightened of the trimmer running away and making him look even weirder Lol. However I think it looks fine and he seems happy. I remind him periodically of how much money I must be saving him!! Not sure if it sinks in.

dahlia Wed 11-May-16 14:53:33

My DH is meticulous in his search for stray hairs, especially since I bought myself a very magnifying mirror. We have just noticed hairs appearing on the bridge of our son's nose (aged 43), and we will have to tactfully mention it before he looks like a boar! Isn't it annoying how hair thins on top for both men and women, but then grows in abundance elsewhere!

wot Wed 11-May-16 15:10:10

I could not kiss anyone with long nose hairs! How vile! ๐Ÿ˜

fiorentina51 Wed 11-May-16 16:26:28

I've threatened to cut my DH's eyebrows while he's asleep....๐Ÿ˜ˆ

phoenix Wed 11-May-16 16:44:51

I find the nose hair trimmer works fine, bit scary using it for the first time, but will much less painful than the tweezers!

DS1 is (or would be) a mono brow, but luckily DIL is a dab hand at keeping him groomed.

Barmyoldbat Wed 11-May-16 19:21:20

I cut my oh hair, so he just accepts me doing the eyebrows, ears and nose. He has even started doing it himself now.