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Words that don't exist, but should?

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phoenix Wed 02-Aug-17 16:57:34

Afternoon everyone, and hoping all are well, good wishes to those that need them.

I love words, and often have a lovely dabble in Pedants Corner, and the recent thread on "deplatforming" has got me thinking, which makes a change.

There are some words in existence that seem to sum up their meaning, such as "discombobulated" which must have taken some time to come into being grin

So, if you can be disgusted, as in to be repulsed, or totally offended something, then why can't you be "gusted" confused

You can disbelieve, or believe, you can approve or disapprove, you can agree or disagree, so why can't you be "gusted"?

If you have had plenty to eat, you can say that you are "replete" (admittedly not in common usage today) but if you are still a tad peckish, or just fancy a smidgen more of that pie/cake/trifle/cheese why can't you say I am somewhat "plete"?

And before anyone has a pop, yes, it is meant to be light hearted, if that is currently allowed wink

Imperfect27 Wed 02-Aug-17 17:37:55

Love your thinking phoenix - always fun when you teach prefixes in primary to see how children try to make sense and apply the grammar rules ... and often hear myself say ' Well, you would think that it would work that way wouldn't you, but ...'

I am sure I could have been gusted on several occasions grin and mayed too (not in a political sense you understand!) As for turbed ... well, especially after a glass or two ... wine wine

Thanks for the giggles!

phoenix Wed 02-Aug-17 18:17:36

Ooh Imperfect some lovely additions there! grin