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Times they are a-changing.

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annsixty Wed 16-Aug-17 16:49:26

I went to my bank today, the first time in many months.
My financial dealings are simple, money goes in and I spend it.
Direct debits are set up for most things and debit and credit cards deal with others,
Today I wanted to transfer some money to another account and pay in my PB winnings,£25 .
The place was deserted for once and at the counter 3 of the 4 cashier points had the blinds down.
The very nice lady manager came up to me and asked how she could help. I explained and she whipped up her i-pad and did the transaction there in the middle of the bank. When I commented she said that is the way they act now. Perhaps you all knew this but my flabber was ghasted,To pay in the cheque she took me to a machine which swallowed the cheque and gave me a receipt with a "photogragh" of the cheque.
It only needs one major worldwide catastrophic breakdown of technology and we are all in a lot of trouble.

Oldwoman70 Wed 16-Aug-17 16:56:20

The last time I went to my bank they tried to push me into using the cash machine, I was told it would save me time - I suggested they employed a few more cashiers. I waited in line!

Oriel Wed 16-Aug-17 16:59:04

I've banked online for around 17 years Ann. I've paid people and transferred money between my accounts in the middle of fields, on the beach, in the snow.... you name it! Tis easy peasy!!

FarNorth Wed 16-Aug-17 17:03:43

Not what you expect when you're actually in the branch, though.

Oriel Wed 16-Aug-17 17:06:44

This way of doing things has been around for many years - at least it has where I live. I don't have a problem with it.

tanith Wed 16-Aug-17 17:22:35

I can't remember the last time I went into a branch ''tis all done on my phone or iPad apart from the odd cheque to pay in which I post in a prepaid envelope.

travelsafar Wed 16-Aug-17 17:27:00

I love going into my bank, they know who i am and what is going on in my life, i feel valued as a customer. I always take in a card and box of something nice for the staff at Christmas.Dread the day they change it all.

fiorentina51 Wed 16-Aug-17 17:47:49

I'm afraid I'm an old dinosaur when it comes to Internet banking......If the evil doers can hack into The Pentagon, they can get at my pension! (Walks off into sunset muttering to self....)

kittylester Wed 16-Aug-17 18:06:11

I rarely go into the bank anymore - I use Sainsbury's ATMs!! And the Internet but I love going to the bank for the gossip from the cashiers who have been there for as long as I have.

We do the 'She's not really 30, I remember when you were pregnant with her' etc etc. sad

DS's bank is just a hall full of machines and a couple of people wandering around to help little old ladies!! blush

Baggs Wed 16-Aug-17 18:11:11

Before I got the train south to my DD1’s recently I popped into a bank to ask them to exchange my Scottish notes for English ones because Derbyshire shops are not keen on Scottish ones. Cashier explained that she couldn't do it, I needed to go to my own branch, did I have one? yes, in Oxford, oh. So she bletgered on a bit about having to account for every penny, which I know they do, and about the fact that she couldn't pay anything out without transactions but I couldn't do the transactin there.

I must have looked gobsmacked amazed. Anyway, she changed my notes. Very kind, so I said so and thanked her thinking, as I left to catch my train, that I hadn't asked her to pay out, I'd asked her to just give me the same things with different pictures on them. The amount of money, even the number of certain notes she had in her cash box were not going to change.

Still baffled.

Our post office sometimes gives me coins for notes when I ask (for Minibags's busfares which have to be exact round here). What's the difference?

Baggs Wed 16-Aug-17 18:11:53

Next time I'll wait till I get to England to withdraw money.

FarNorth Wed 16-Aug-17 18:31:47

Probably she realised, during her blether, that she was on the wrong script hence she changed to the one where she gave you the English notes.

Greyduster Wed 16-Aug-17 18:55:27

Our main city branch is all machines now; we don't use it for anything but cash withdrawals. The local branch (well, nearest - half a hour drive away!) still has counter staff, but they think they are living on borrowed time as the bank are cutting branches right left and centre at the moment. They will force people to use counterless technology whether they are comfortable with it or not.

KatyK Wed 16-Aug-17 18:59:43

We pay cheques in at the machine and get a 'photograph' of the receipt if the queues are too long at the tills. We also do internet banking and have never had a problem (so far!).

Coolgran65 Wed 16-Aug-17 19:01:05

I've been using on line banking for about 6 years. On occasion I go to my local branch which is only 10 minute walk distant.

Out little town used to have 5 banks and several Building Societies. Now we have 2 banks.

My dh doesn't bother with on line banking. His bank in our town closed and his account was moved to a town 10 miles away. After a year that branch closed and it is now 18 miles to the branch where his account is held.

Dh isn't stupid and can begin on line banking any time he chooses. But what about the infirm, the aged who can no longer drive, those who are not internet savvy.

Smithy Wed 16-Aug-17 19:11:20

I've been doing internet banking for about 10 years now. If I need to go into a branch, I'm only 5 minutes drive from the Metro centre, which has one of the few branches now open. Touch wood never had a problem.

phoenix Wed 16-Aug-17 19:14:24

I have mentioned before that at least two towns locally have no physical banks at all, and one of the ones in Holsworthy has shortened it's opening hours, and another one is set to close soon.

We have also lost our village post office, and instead have to rely on a mobile post office, I.e. a van. Add to this that the public transport from here to Holsworthy consists of one bus a week (yes, a week) and you can see the obstacles that many face.

wot Wed 16-Aug-17 19:24:26

Oohh! Can you put cheques into an ATM!?

MargaretX Wed 16-Aug-17 19:26:54

On line banking is getting better. I have accounts in the Uk and here in Germany. Transferring money used to need a lot of forms filled in and checked and worked out and now I send it on my computer and its transferred and availabe within 2 days.

Deedaa Wed 16-Aug-17 21:35:58

To be honest the only real problem we've ever had was with a bank transfer done through our actual bank, in person. They completely fouled it up, but we did get a bottle of wine as an apology.

TwiceAsNice Thu 17-Aug-17 09:40:01

I still have a branch of my bank in the town where I live and go in there if I want to take out cash or get "cash back" in supermarkets/local shop. I hate ATM's and won't use them. I do online banking to keep tabs on my ingoings/outgoings but my lovely daughter does any transfers between accounts for me if needed. I'm not sure why but doing it myself makes me anxious ( silly I know but she doesn't mind) . I much prefer to speak to someone than do something with a machine . What about the cost to people's jobs?

annsixty Thu 17-Aug-17 09:44:47

They want us all to bank online in the future and make even more profit.
I know lots of people of my age who have never used a computer and never will but the next generation will just have grown up with it.

midgey Thu 17-Aug-17 09:53:22

My granddaughter emptied her money box, we arranged I should pay it into my bank account and transfer it to her. Bank nearly had a heart attack......can't pay coins in even though they are bagged into correct bags, totalled etc etc! So be warned only pay in tiny amounts .....obviously in correct bags etc!

annsixty Thu 17-Aug-17 10:02:55

We also have a bank (H's) who will no longer take change, and the Coinstar machines take 10p in the £ so we don't collect them any more.

tanith Thu 17-Aug-17 10:08:53

Seems that not many do mobile banking on their phones, it's my go to choice now and it works seemlessly for us never had one thing go wrong .