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How to get kids outdoors?! And subscription boxes

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vwaves Fri 19-Jan-18 23:13:08

Has anyone tried a subscription box?
Hard to know which ones are good.
This new one is lovely. My friend had it.
We went for a walk with her kids with the bingo card inside and found all-sorts plus they lived the soft robin.
It does seem a good idea and a great gift. Only has to be a one off I guess.

MawBroon Fri 19-Jan-18 23:38:16

Never heard of this.

hildajenniJ Sat 20-Jan-18 00:01:56

Looks good, but my family and DH and I are on a limited budget so the boxes are a bit expensive. I'm sure it's a good idea to get families interested in nature and growing things though.

Is this an advert?

BlueBelle Sat 20-Jan-18 05:19:28

It’s another expensive con isn’t it, go to your local library and get a book out of the kids library on whatever subject you want to cover outside
We had ispy books which were cheap as chips and we would spend ages trying to tick all the things off

grannyqueenie Sat 20-Jan-18 08:20:19

Get a small plain paper bag, write a small list of things to collect/spot/do on one side Provide a pen to tick them off as they go and set off for a walk. It doesn’t even need to be in the countryside, costs nothing at all and is lots of fun!

J52 Sat 20-Jan-18 08:30:32

Our GCs have a collective back pack, kept at our house, with note books pencils, a cheap magnifying glass etc. in it. They pack water bottles and go on wildlife ‘safari’ in the garden.
It’s much cheaper and more fun than a commercial pack and you can add other things as you see them. NT shops often have I spy type worksheets and stickers.

vwaves Sat 20-Jan-18 08:49:27

Oh good ideas for backpacks and paper bags etc. I do that kind of thing on car journeys

vwaves Sat 20-Jan-18 08:50:29

Oh yes I Spy books were great. Didn't know they still did them

willsmadnan Sat 20-Jan-18 09:34:12

I think the main problem with subscription boxes or magazines (apart from the cost) is that after 2 or 3 months the novelty wears off and the parent is still paying the monthly fee for something that is only cursorily looked at. I noticed several unopened science -based magazines at my daughter's the other day. GS had been delighted with the first couple, but it soon went off. Knowing my daughter it will be months before she extracates herself from the contract.
BTW anyone know if ISpy books are still available?

vwaves Sat 20-Jan-18 09:47:02

Yes I Spy books are available! I guess one could buy a one off box for a surprise present but not subscribe. I am always stuck for gifts!

goldengirl Sat 20-Jan-18 10:05:02

It sounds a good idea to entertain GC in the holidays but I wouldn't subscribe to anything - just make up something as other GNs have suggested.
I used to make up treasure hunt clues for Easter when my children were young - just like my dad did for me. Great fun. Dad made the clues more difficult as I got older

M0nica Sat 20-Jan-18 17:48:38

Local parks and local nature reserves often hold nature sessions for children. DGC belonged to one when they were toddlers, met once a week, weather permitting.

M0nica Sun 21-Jan-18 11:27:28

The way to get children out of doors is to get out of doors oneself. My DS & DDiL love going for country walks, visiting ancient monuments, and old churches, and now they have children country parks, zoos and other attractions so DGC have spent their childhood going for long country walks and miss them if the weather makes them difficult.

It is like everything from reading to not living as if a screen was surgically attached to the hands with strings to the eyes. If the family, especially parents, do/don't do it the children follow their example

BlueBelle Sun 21-Jan-18 12:29:07

BlueBelle Sun 21-Jan-18 12:30:12

Sorry it’s a long www but just the thing I would have thought and you can buy three for £5

vwaves Sun 28-Jan-18 00:37:34

Ooh yes