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Coincidences? Meaningful coincidences? Telepathy?

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Applegran Sun 25-Mar-18 14:44:58

Sometimes there is a coincidence in our lives which seems to have special meaning, and sometimes coincidences are simply surprising. Either way they are interesting! Do you have coincidences in your life which have meaning for you - or which are just a real surprise and seem to be against all the odds? An example I remember is my mother saying at breakfast one day that she wondered how Ida Smith was - a school friend she had not seen or thought of for decades. She opened the newspaper - and found a letter from Ida Smith! We were on holiday by the sea, and went for a walk along the cliffs after breakfast. We met another woman walking - it was Ida Smith. Maybe my mother was able to recognise her, because Ida was already in her mind.
Another time my mother and I were walking down a valley, and out of the blue I thought of a man who had been a family friend, but we had not seen for years. I said to my mother that I wondered what had happened to him. She replied "When I was young , I walked in this valley with him and he asked me to marry him" Telepathy? That is another interesting thing when it seems to happen in our lives sometimes . Have you coincidences , or possible telepathic experiences from your life?

MissAdventure Sun 25-Mar-18 16:04:07

I have had a huge coincidence here on gransnet.
I'm not sure what the odds were that it happened, but it did, and I would like to think it was meaningful in some way.

nanaK54 Sun 25-Mar-18 16:22:19

Trying to remember if I have already told this story on here, but hey I often repeat myself these days grin
many, many years ago my sister was living and working in Dubai. One afternoon I had an overwhelming urge/thought that I should ring her, but not ring Dubai (never did that anyway) but to ring her house in this country. I dismissed this thought as best I could, but it was really bugging me.
Next day she rang me, guess where she home!

nanaK54 Sun 25-Mar-18 16:36:38

........should have said that she wasn't expected home for another three months or so

Situpstraight Sun 25-Mar-18 16:47:23

I was estranged from my brother, but one day around 10am, the thought of him popped into my head, I told my daughter who lives in deepest South West, not to be surprised if she saw him later that day, I don’t know why as I hadn’t thought of him for a long time.
But she rang me in the evening and said, so much for your telepathy, I didn’t see Uncle ****.
Later that same evening I received a call from Sussex police to say that my brothers body had been found at 10 am that morning.

Dontaskme Mon 26-Mar-18 13:05:44

Oh Situpstraight I am sorry for your loss and how strange that you thought of your brother at that time.
The only coincidence I recall was when I pictured a hedgehog in my mums garden pond. I rang her and mentioned it in passing. After we hung up she went to look and there was a big fat hedgehog doing breaststroke in her pond. She wouldn't touch it - convinced it would give her fleas - but made it a ramp to get out.

MamaCaz Mon 26-Mar-18 13:26:43

There have been lots in my life.
One of the earliest that I remember was when I was a child. My brother had been given a roulette game, and we were playing it with our parents one wet Sunday afternoon. At some point during the game, after we had all placed our 'bets', the wheel was spun and the ball whizzing round and round. Out of the blue, I yelled 'Oh no, it should have been 22!". Yes, when the ball finally stopped spinning you can guess what number it was on!
Unfortunately, it must have been pure chance, because I have never managed to win the lottery grin

humptydumpty Mon 26-Mar-18 13:58:45

On the subject of the lottery, I remeber in the very early days, all of my numbers were each 1 higher or lower than the number drawn; I remember thinking that was a sign that I would never win - and I haven't!

Seaside22 Tue 27-Mar-18 21:03:00

I bought two ornaments for myself with names on them, I picked my sons name and looked for his then girlfriends name there wasn't one,I liked the ornaments so just thought I'd remove the names and still buy them, so choose one with a random girls name .You've guessed it, the name I choose was the girl he married.