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Aintree and other big race days

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starbird Thu 12-Apr-18 12:57:52

Why do people put on clothes more suited to a wedding or evening out to go to the races? In ‘My Fair Lady’ they looked smart but today, with a few exceptions they appear to lack any sense of style and good taste. I wonder what they spend on these outfits?

Nannarose Thu 12-Apr-18 13:35:36

Makes me smile. I wear boots, thick coat / waterproof and Tilley hat. I think that a few years ago, the Aintree girls decided to emulate Ascot, and in their own fantastic style, ignored the fact that the jumps in April is not the same as the Flat in June.
However, I still cart about the redundant binoculars, because the tickets on the case are a bit of social history!

Maggiemaybe Thu 12-Apr-18 13:36:55

It's just a bit of fun though, isn't it? Nice to have a chance to dress up now and again and feel that you're part of a big occasion. Though I did once pass the main entrance to the racecourse at Chester as punters were walking proudly in arm in arm, the men all suited and booted, the young women in beautiful dresses, hats and shoes. I was there again, waiting for my lift, as they staggered out a few hours later, hats askew, propping each other up, one even lying over a low wall being sick....

Welshwife Thu 12-Apr-18 13:37:08

I cannot understand the stilettos on the grass - most of the time the ground is soft and the shoes just sink in. I used to wear a long wool coat - the type you could layer up under - and a pair of flat long boots. Places like Cheltenham can be very windy too.
We have unfortunately had to stop going to race meetings as DH suddenly developed an allergy to horses, dogs, cats. Etc about twenty years ago.

OldMeg Thu 12-Apr-18 13:40:33

Surely the majority only dress ‘up’ if it’s a Ladies’ Day?

Though I have to add some don’t seem to have quite ‘got the idea’ and look, frankly, extremely tarty 🤨😆🙄

Maggiemaybe Thu 12-Apr-18 13:44:54

I think a lot of young 'uns do dress up if it's a hen or stag do, OldMeg. I like to see them having fun (not being sick, though!).

trisher Thu 12-Apr-18 13:45:04

Let's face facts it's nothing to do with the horses, just an excuse to dress up and drink loads. The high heels only stagger from the taxi to the bar and then back again. They will occasionally make a short foray to the outside of the stand, pose for a few photos if the weather is nice and then stagger back. Some are even on corporate jollies and drinking for free!!!

Jalima1108 Thu 12-Apr-18 14:35:22

They often look freezing cold to me!
What's wrong with wearing a nice jacket?

Smithy Thu 12-Apr-18 14:38:32

I love the races, but not particularly ladies days. If it's a nice summer day (there's a 3 in 365 chance of that up here) I'd wear something quite nice and a maybe a nice jacket, would never wear an outfit more suited to a wedding though. However if people want to, why not. The best wins a prize if it's a Ladies Day.

Nanawind Thu 12-Apr-18 15:14:00

A few years ago a friend of mine went to a race meeting in Ireland, the outfit she wore cost an arm and a leg. They had a competition for the best dressed lady she was chosen out of the crowd like the other ladies (there was about 8 in the final line up). She won and received a new car.

Maggiemaybe Fri 13-Apr-18 09:16:18

Wow, Nanawind, that outfit was money well spent! smile

NonnaW Fri 13-Apr-18 09:42:23

I'm going racing again soon, wondering what I’m going to wear as I doubt it will be very warm. Flat or low heeled shoes/boots and probably a warm coat. No flimsy dresses and high heels for me!

Jane10 Fri 13-Apr-18 10:39:02

Just saw a statement today regarding the immense cruelty of these races. So many horses dead and injured over the years.
Dress up, drink champagne have a lovely day out - elsewhere!

JackyB Fri 13-Apr-18 12:59:48

The last time I went to the races I had to wear my Junior Red Cross uniform as we were delegated to help out in the children's playground. The only time I've been since was as a sixth-former, to earn a few bob (39/11 actually) making sandwiches in the kitchens under the grandstand, so I didn't get to see any of the revellers.

No idea what people wear in Newmarket to the races these days. I think they're pretty down-to-earth there, but you never know. I have seen groups of be-suited young men getting drunk on the train on the way to the races, but no girls.

NonnaW Fri 13-Apr-18 13:59:01

JackyB, Newmarket has its fair share of young ladies dressed up to the nines, tottering around in skyscraper heels (that’s at the start of the day), and staggering back out at the end, having been happily imbibing all afternoon. They all seem to be good natured though!

Nanawind Fri 13-Apr-18 16:44:08

Just watching aintree and the winner for the best dressed has won a car,£1000 shopping vouchers and an overnight stay at a top hotel.
Remind me to enter next year.

Maggiemaybe Fri 13-Apr-18 16:56:18

My DD1's there today. I'd better text her, just in case. grin

Deedaa Sat 14-Apr-18 20:44:58

I wish they would realise that most hats and fascinators need an up do and not long hair straggling down to your shoulders. Yes I am thinking of you Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie!

On any of the big race days you see all the mini skirted, stiletto heels girls tottering about and then Clare Balding interviews somebody and you realise how classy she looks in some thing stylish and suitable for the weather!

paddyann Sat 14-Apr-18 21:53:18

why so snooty about young people having fun ? If they want to wear mini skirts and high heels surely its up to them. I'd guess they wouldn't be too impressed by how many of us oldies dress either but they wont be on FB saying did you see so and so in her frumpy outfit!To busy enjoying themselves and isn't that what being young is all about/

Stansgran Sun 15-Apr-18 09:28:30

As a Liverpudlian we occasionally went to the Grand National. It always started to snow. Some of those dresses would have made made me wonder about hypothermia.

MawBroon Sun 15-Apr-18 09:46:13

Three pics of Aintree this year which caught my eye in the papers.

They seem to sum up the fun, the weather and the sore feet!

glammanana Sun 15-Apr-18 12:51:20

Hands up any GNer who never wore a mini skirt when a young lady I bet there are few and far between so lets allow the young ladies there enjoyment.
Ladies Day at Aintree is such a fun day in Liverpool and we are lucky to have some of the best looking girls in the land (until we open our mouth's) grin

glammanana Sun 15-Apr-18 12:52:11

their enjoyment so sorry.^^

trisher Sun 15-Apr-18 13:26:42

I wore a mini skirt and I went to the Grand National, but I wasn't stupid enough to mix the 2. I wore jeans, a big sweater and a black jacket. It was bloody cold.

Jalima1108 Sun 15-Apr-18 19:27:31

Love the photos MawBroon

It could be 24C or it could be 6C - April in Paris Liverpool