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A song for the 9th June.

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hildajenniJ Sat 09-Jun-18 12:04:42

Watching the Trooping the Colour, the military band was playing Northumberland folk tunes. I suddenly remembered what date it is.
For Geordies everywhere, here it is.

GrannyGravy13 Sat 09-Jun-18 12:37:20

I am also watching Trooping of the Colour. I do feel that the British do pomp and ceremony so well.

Makes my heart swell with pride. We have an AC who is a serving officer in the Army. I wish our armed forces always got the respect and thanks they deserve.

janeainsworth Sat 09-Jun-18 13:09:36
Hope your link works this time Hilda
We're gannin to a Geordie Neet the neet and I'm sure we'll be dancing to that tunegrin
Thanks for posting it.

hildajenniJ Sat 09-Jun-18 13:15:14

My link does work Jane, I tested it when I posted. You just click on the picture. But thanks anyway. grin

lemongrove Sat 09-Jun-18 13:16:24

Do you have subtitles for your post JaneA? grin
Am joking of course, as Ah ken fine.
Yes, we do pomp and ceremony well here, but if the Queen has an official birthday and a real birthday, I want that too,
Just think two lots of cards, flowers , cake and presents!

Greyduster Sat 09-Jun-18 13:53:36

I love the Trooping of the Colour - I will watch the highlights later this evening. When DH worked in the Military Secretary’s office, he was given tickets for it one year and I didn’t go as DD was very young then and it would have been too long a day for her, so he took DS, then 10, and his friend and they had a wonderful day, and talked about it for weeks afterwards.
Well, as my lovely Geordie friend used to say, “well, this won’t get the bairn a new coat!” I’m away to put the roast pork in the oven!

grannyactivist Sat 09-Jun-18 14:03:35

Blaydon Races was one of the songs we were taught in our music lesson at junior school. I don't think I've heard it since until today, but I often catch myself singing or humming snippets of it. smile

janeainsworth Sat 09-Jun-18 14:25:13

Hilda I'm confused.
Your link in your OP isn't blue, nothing happens if you click on it, and there isn't a picture. I'm on the desktop, not sure if it's different on a tablet?

janeainsworth Sat 09-Jun-18 14:27:26

Even more confused now!
On my mobile the picture is there and it works!

hildajenniJ Sat 09-Jun-18 17:34:33

I never use the big computer! It's upstairs. I use my tablet or my phone for Gransnetting purposes. 😃😃

HAZBEEN Sat 09-Jun-18 18:07:52

Oh this has made me homesick again! I'm a proud Geordie but now live in Surrey of all places! Blaydon races always sets me off!