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MawBroon Sun 15-Jul-18 12:09:14

Is this the first fatality we have heard of directly attributable to the dreadful state of our roads?
Just tragic, how often have we thought a cyclist, rider or pedestrian could be seriously injured encountering a pothole not to mention the damage to our exhaust systems or suspension?
Condolences to her family and a rocket to the council responsible sad

GrannyGravy13 Sun 15-Jul-18 12:16:07

Here in SE Esssex, the roads are full of potholes, so dangerous. Even crossing the road as a pedestrian is a constant 'dodge the potholes' nightmare.

FlexibleFriend Sun 15-Jul-18 13:04:42

That was a confusing story Licoln cyclist but it happened in Derbyshire and a photo of an average pothole but the description says it was 6 foot wide. Bizarre.
I find the depth of the pothole is what causes the problem, pedestrians could easily break an ankle, and my car failed it's mot last month due to exhaust apparently had a big dent in it and had perforated where I'd no doubt gone down a pothole during the winter. My car is quite high up too.

Auntieflo Sun 15-Jul-18 13:24:17

I also had an awful moment, when I read Lincolnshire, FlezibleFriend. Our GD lives there and has recently bought a new bike, and told me about whizzing down hills, so you can imagine my thoughts. What an awful thing to happen to the poor woman and her family.