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ninathenana Mon 23-Jul-18 16:13:36

I've just had my renewal quote and as always I've been on line to find something cheaper. Well the best I could find would save me £8 for the year. Not worth the hassle in my opinion. Chatting to a friend she was surprised I wasn't going for the cheaper option. I think £15-£20 difference would have made me change.
Would you swop for £8 ?

OldMeg Mon 23-Jul-18 16:16:49

Have to tried upping your excess? That can work out quite a bit cheaper, but it’s a gamble if you have an accident.

I’ve never had to make a claim so I’m quids in.

PamelaJ1 Mon 23-Jul-18 16:17:45


MamaCaz Mon 23-Jul-18 16:30:41

Me neither

Coolgran65 Mon 23-Jul-18 16:41:16

My renewal notice arrived last week. Excess on replacement windscreen was £50.

I contacted my old provider of two years ago for a quote and it was £49 cheaper plus the windscreen replacement has no excess.

One phone call is all it took.

I might not change for only £8 less. But I'd possibly ask them to better my quote by £20 and it's a deal.
I don't like on line insurance. If I have an accident I want to be able to go and sit across a desk and talk face to face with a real person.

I get infuriated that my dh does not ring round he just accepts the renewal.

FlexibleFriend Mon 23-Jul-18 17:53:43

No and I wouldn't increase my excess either. That doesn't mean I'd just renew as I'd still look for a better deal but £20 isn't enough.

lemongrove Mon 23-Jul-18 21:35:13

Always ask your current insurance provider what they can do for you when renewal comes round.We do, and usually get a discount ( far more than £8) often quite a lot.
The latest one refused to do anything, so I told them we would find another insurer, which we did at a much better price.

Charleygirl Mon 23-Jul-18 21:43:58

There was only £3 difference between this year's new insurance and last. There are only around 6 companies who would consider insuring me (I have never had an accident) so I decided to stay with my present one because I am aware that my driving days are numbered.