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Sykpe Blocked by Country

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bigbird69 Sat 28-Jul-18 16:28:43

I need some advice please you wonderful Gransnetters! We have been keeping in contact with my family including the two grandchildren via WhatsApp and Skype. Now the country has blocked Skype I am finding it impossible to have live visual contact with them. I am sure we are not the only family in this situation, what solutions have you come up with? The grandchildren are aged 2yrs 2mths and 5mths. We are unable to visit due to ill health so this was a very important link for us - any help will be appreciated...…..

Grannyknot Sat 28-Jul-18 16:32:50

Hi BigBird - what about Google Hangouts? Or Messenger? I think both have video options.

Good luck.

MiniMoon Sat 28-Jul-18 16:44:29

You can unblock Skype in any country by using a VPN. Here's an article telling you all about it. My son uses a VPN app without any problems.

BlueBelle Sat 28-Jul-18 16:45:17

Messenger definitely works using a video or FaceTime if youve both got apple items
Has it definitely been blocked by the country ?

bigbird69 Sat 28-Jul-18 17:39:09

Thank you for your advice - I have just checked on google and it is illegal to use Skype (they are in Dubai) therefore not happy about using a VPN. Neither of us has iPhone, both use Android. I will investigate Google Hangouts and Messenger to see if that will work.

This is my first post and very impressed with the speed you sent your help - thanks again.

grandtanteJE65 Fri 10-Aug-18 13:15:15

I think you are very wise not to try unblocking Skype as your relatives are in Dubai - it might well cause problems for them.

Would a second-hand Iphone be a possibility, both for you and your son or daughter ? I bought mine from a reputable second-hand dealer for the third of what a new one would have cost.

Joelsnan Fri 10-Aug-18 15:59:09

Etisalat and DU do offer VOIP/Video service for about 50Aed per month however, below is a free legal alternative

Francescu Wed 05-Sep-18 14:20:20

I am using NordVPN and easily bypassing Skype application filters at school and work as well as Circumvent VoIP restrictions imposed by governments, telecoms, and ISPs.
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micheeoo Thu 14-Mar-19 12:15:22

You can easily unblock skype from anywhere in the world. This guide help me alot in accessing skype from different countries

Izabella Thu 14-Mar-19 12:42:01

Absolutely micheeoo but not wise for Dubai.