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alternativegran Fri 03-Aug-18 15:21:52

My 96 year old neighbour who is almost blind and can hardly hear has just had a telephone call to say that her phone was about to be cut off because she hadn’t paid her bill.

I rang BT but it was a difficult conversation as they insisted on talking only to her, all very right and proper but It would have been esier if she could have answered some security questions then let me deal with the call as I had to keep giving her information from her bill as she couldn’t see.

In the end it was a scam, I rang the local police as I had rung 1471 and got the number that had called her. They didn’t want it as they said there are hundreds of these calls happening every day and it can’t be stopped as they come from abroad. The callers hope that you will go and get your bank card to avoid being cut off, didn’t work with my neighbour as she can’t see to give them the details.

Dukeybabe62 Fri 03-Aug-18 16:10:29

I too have had phone calls from someone saying they are from BT and saying my broadband will be cut off. I just hang up and then go online to my BT account and block the number. The numbers are always international. This seems to have worked for me. I have not had a call recently. Not sure if you could help your neighbour with this. Call protect I think it is called. BT should be able to help her

alternativegran Fri 03-Aug-18 16:31:11

Thank you Dukeybabe 62

I just thought I ought to put a post on gransnet as the policeman I spoke to sounded so frustrated at not being able to do anything. He hoped that the phone companies themselves would eventually find a way of blocking calls

Just for interest that particular nmber was 01238 828760 but I expect they change them all the time. The policeman said that once they have bank details they just clear out your account so it must be profitable even if only a few people fall for the scam.

Grandad1943 Fri 03-Aug-18 17:05:04

We had a similar call from someone stating they were from BT and that our broadband was to be disconnected within the next three hours if our payment situation was not "put to order".

I responded by saying "that's strange as our broadband, telephone and television services come into the house from Virgin Media through their fibre network".

The telephone call was immediately ended with not so much as a " goodbye"

What a mistake to make. Talk about bungling fraudsters

kittylester Fri 03-Aug-18 17:10:02

You can buy a machine called Call Guardian (about £30/40) which will only allow calls from numbers you have authorised.

HunnyBunny Fri 03-Aug-18 17:12:27

Duckybabe62- yes, I’ve had the same call as you (many times) and they say they’re from BT and that my broadband will be cut off.
I’m with Virgin.

silverlining48 Fri 03-Aug-18 19:17:20

I had a call from a woman only today about my broadband ‘problem’, which I was unaware of. It’s dreadful to have to be suspicious of all these calls, and many people will be taken in.

Melanieeastanglia Fri 03-Aug-18 20:58:39

Just hang up.

cornergran Fri 03-Aug-18 23:16:20

Had the BT broadband call four times today. Tired of it now.

MissAdventure Fri 03-Aug-18 23:24:04

Once again, no calls for me, and I used to get around ten a day.
My talk talk account lets me block numbers, free!

Caroline2016 Sat 04-Aug-18 12:24:41

Have had three of these calls this week supposedly from BT ,I am not with BT for anything , I just put the receiver down. obviously a scam.

Oldwoman70 Sat 04-Aug-18 16:15:50

I have got to the point that if I don't recognise a number I don't answer the phone. It did mean that when a friend rang to let me know her new number she didn't get a reply but that doesn't happen often.

glammanana Sat 04-Aug-18 16:36:17

We seem to get them Saturday/Sundays and it always the same telling us that BT Broadband is due to shut down due to non payment of outstanding bill,I now leave them to babble on for a few minutes then inform them we have no Broadband .

jeanie99 Sat 11-Aug-18 23:08:55

we've been targeted over a three week period at least twice a day. We now don't answer the phone letting it go to the answer phone and of course they never leave a message.

M0nica Sun 12-Aug-18 17:14:25

We have a (landline) phone that gives the number of the person ringing, if it is from a UK. If the call is from overseas, it just says 'International'. Every time we get an international call we answer and immediate ring off - we do not want the call going to the ansaphone and confirming that the number is live.

OldMeg Sun 12-Aug-18 17:45:43

I just say ‘hang on while I find my glasses’ then go and make myself a cup of tea/walk the dog/go on GN etc and leave them hanging on the line.

Oldwoman70 Tue 14-Aug-18 10:00:11

If you have caller display and don't recognise the number (or it's withheld) just don't answer. Even allowing it to go to answerphone shows the line is "live" and the calls will continue.

annsixty Tue 14-Aug-18 10:07:57

A beautiful one yesterday, it was a mobile number so I answered and a foreign voice said I was getting a refund from Sky so if I could just give her my DOB we could celebrate.
On asking What the relevance of my age was to do with getting a refund, the phone went down at her end.

DanniRae Tue 14-Aug-18 12:20:24

I got one this morning. She said her bit I said "I'm not with BT" and she put the phone down. I think I have blocked the number.

callgirl1 Tue 14-Aug-18 17:49:20

When I said I wasn`t with BT, I was asked who I was with. I said none of their business, then she named 5 other providers, said I must be with one of them and that they were aligned with them, I still said none of their business and they hung up.