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21st birthday present - suggestions please

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ecci53 Wed 29-Aug-18 18:54:14

My nephew will be 21 in a few weeks. I'm struggling to think of a present for him. His Mum and Dad are also lacking ideas. He doesn't want a party, or to go out for a meal. He likes cars, trucks etc but his girlfriend gave him a voucher for a 'drive a F1 car' experience and he never got round to using it. They've just moved into rented accommodation together but apparently don't need anything for the house. I'm really stumped as to what to give him - I'd be grateful for any suggestions.

M0nica Wed 29-Aug-18 19:04:45


Maybelle Wed 29-Aug-18 19:30:57

Cash would appear to be the answer

Melanieeastanglia Wed 29-Aug-18 21:05:00

Does he like books?

Perhaps vouchers for the theatre.

Jewellery? I suppose it depends how much you want to spend. I should also imagine he would have to be asked to choose the jewellery.

If all else fails, money or one of those gift vouchers which are valid in many shops.

Hope I've helped you.

1974cookie Wed 29-Aug-18 21:50:08

Hi Ecci.
For something really quirky and original, try this.
Get some £1 Monopoly money, 21 of them in fact.
Get a nice glass frame and place each note out like a fan in it.
Put your Nephews name, date of Birth, at the top.
At the bottom you can write your message.
Hope that this helps.

mcem Wed 29-Aug-18 22:44:13

My DGD was delighted with her gift of luggage. I did ask first!

Melanieeastanglia Wed 29-Aug-18 22:52:11

Luggage - what a wonderful idea. It would probably be possible to have his initials put on it, if he wished to have that.

I have had a couple of other thoughts which he would have to choose himself and they are a picture or an ornament.

Teetime Thu 30-Aug-18 09:20:24

Travel vouchers.

ecci53 Fri 31-Aug-18 09:54:18

Thanks for all these suggestions - lots to think about.

Nanagem Sat 01-Sep-18 07:51:50

How can you not need something for the house, my niece said this recently and I said you might not need something, but you must have a luxury you would like. I ended up buying a clock to stand on the side. She would have liked a wall clock but is in rented so has problems with hanging things on the wall.

I would suggest a picture/painting, but again can he hang it on the wall.

How about some nice lighting, and floor light or something.

How about some crystal glasses, everyone likes something special, you could add a bottle of bubbly

Nana3 Sat 01-Sep-18 08:07:48

Lots of couples suggest a gift of money these days, I would give him money, his girlfriend will probably help him spend it.

Menopaws Sat 01-Sep-18 08:28:54

Night at a nice hotel for them both plus dinner

Humbertbear Sat 01-Sep-18 09:34:10

Buy the couple a day at a local spa

petra Mon 03-Sep-18 16:47:43

It would help if we knew how much you are willing to spend.

varian Mon 03-Sep-18 17:15:02

If you wanted to spend £1695 you could buy him a lifetime membership of the National Trust. He could come to appreciate it more and more as the years passed.

We must have spent a lot more than that by now in annual subscriptions, but I didn't have have a very rich and generous Aunty.

ecci53 Tue 04-Sep-18 13:38:10

Sadly, varian, neither does he1

ecci53 Tue 04-Sep-18 13:39:18

Up to £100 is all I can afford, Petra