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Important information is not coming through

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GrandmaCornwall Wed 19-Sep-18 14:57:23

Does anyone else get fed up with the constant pop ups asking us to commit to goodness knows what ( accepting terms for use of their sites, cookies advert and the like ).
What I would like to see is the important pop ups like product recalls from the site you want to look at/ buy from.
By shear chance I came across a recall for some Sainsbury’s sugar that was contaminated with metal. The alert was hidden in the depths of the site, I chanced upon it when looking for a contact phone number.
To me this was important especially as I had a packet of the offending item.
This is important information why is it not given to us openly.

Lollin Sun 18-Nov-18 03:58:42

In answer to your first question, , yes i do .
Regarding product recalls i have noticed that but it has always been for something i have not ourchased so i assumed that they contact individual purchers immediately but now i think again , for many they would not have contact details like cash, non loyalty card purchasers. So i am left wondering again - in the early hours too!