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sandye Wed 17-Oct-18 14:06:18

My daughter has just phoned in a real panic. She has found out that her father-in-law is planing to make them homeless. My daughter and her DH have 3 children 4, 3 and 1. they have lived with him from getting married. He has a four bedroom council house and asked them to move in so he didn't have to pay the bedroom tax. They all get on well or so she thought. Apparently all the rest of the family knew he is planning on buying a small flat, but has made not mention to them. He plans to just walk out and leave them there, but the house is in his name I cannot put them up as I don't have the room. This was timed to give the most upset as we are going on hols tonight! Any suggestions? they cannot afford to buy.

BlueBelle Wed 17-Oct-18 14:20:04

What a shame and what a shock
Get to the council housing offices as soon as you can that’s the only advice I can give you

J52 Wed 17-Oct-18 14:22:07

What a horrible situation to be in. Apart from the moral/ personal issues, maybe they can just sit tight for a while. They will eventually be evicted by the council, but I think that may only be after a court order is made. It would give them time to make some alternative arrangements.
Can they rent privately?

stella1949 Wed 17-Oct-18 14:22:08

If they can't afford to buy, they'll have to find somewhere to rent. Surely after being married for x number of years and having three children, they'd have some savings since they've been living with him ?

Ilovecheese Wed 17-Oct-18 14:40:37

Perhaps the council would transfer the tenancy to her.

notanan2 Wed 17-Oct-18 16:46:13

Sit tight.
If they move before being forcibly evicted the council will class them as "voluntarily homeless" and they will go straight to the bottom of the list and get no help.

Its wrong but that is the system.

ninathenana Wed 17-Oct-18 17:04:01

Has her husband lived anywhere else ?
DH's cousin had always lived with his mum when she died the council transfered the tenancy to him.
Contact them asap

RandySchmidt Sun 04-Nov-18 14:52:13

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Cold Sun 04-Nov-18 15:06:28

They need to contact the council and citizens advice as well. The council need to know that they are at risk of homelessness

What is the FIL planning to do with his council flat? Is he handing it back to the council or planning to keep it illegally? The council could come and evict them if the named tenant has moved out

Do they have enough money to rent privately?