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Son's 50th birthday party

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Jalima1108 Tue 27-Nov-18 20:43:16

I remember the days when DS used to come home from school and say 'Oh, by the way Mum, it's fancy dress tomorrow for the last day of term' shock
That was in the days before the shops were awash with all these costumes!

Have you found out what the theme is yet Hmac?

hellymart Tue 27-Nov-18 19:08:24

Could you take a friend with you? Might just make the party a bit more fun than being on your own.

sodapop Wed 14-Nov-18 08:47:21

I know how you feel Hmac my daughter said she didn't want any cards with 50 on them or a big fuss made. I asked her how she thought I felt having a daughter who was 50 !!
I don't like fancy dress events and try to avoid them, in this case though you can't. Find out what the theme is and keep things simple. Good luck, hope your son enjoys his birthday.

Maggiemaybe Wed 14-Nov-18 08:33:23

I love a theme party. We’ve had everything from Titanic to 60s, via 30s, 40s, Hollywood, The Godfather... Let us know what the theme is, Hmac, and we can be your party planners!

Humbertbear Wed 14-Nov-18 08:25:55

Definitely find out the theme. It might well be the Sixties? I went to a Forties party once and everyone was in aprons with scarves tied round their heads. I wore black evening trousers, a sequin jacket and a beret. More Lauren Bacall than Mrs Mop. Good luck!

Apricity Wed 14-Nov-18 04:34:48

Hmac, it's pretty disconcerting when your children and their partners start nudging 50 isn't it. Surely it was only a few years ago I had my 50th. A few decades suddenly seem to have gone missing along the way. How did this happen!!!!!

stella1949 Wed 14-Nov-18 01:40:49

Just ask what the theme is. My son had a Hollwood theme for his 40th , everyone dressed up as a movie star. It's just for fun - don't stress about it.

BlueBelle Tue 13-Nov-18 22:52:20

Yes first you have to find out the theme I ve never been to one or know anyone who has thrown one but you ll need to know what the theme is it might be that everyone wears a certain colour or there is a character theme say Harry Potter books etc etc
I ve never been to a dress up party so I don’t really know I ve just read about them

Lynne59 Tue 13-Nov-18 22:27:41

A themed party - what is the theme? Find out and then dress accordingly? Although it's not compulsory, I suppose? I love dressing up smile

Hmac Tue 13-Nov-18 22:15:35

Apart from the fact I can't believe I have a fifty year old son my daughter in law has informed me he will be having a Themed party! I haven't a clue what this means and have no idea what to wear. My husband and my partner are both dead so I will be on my own. Any advice to get me through the event would be most welcome!