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And the winner is ๐Ÿด๓ ง๓ ข๓ ท๓ ฌ๓ ณ๓ ฟ

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Anniebach Thu 22-Nov-18 18:49:37


Gonegirl Thu 22-Nov-18 19:01:41

That is amazing! I love that area of Wales. Well done Crickhowell.

Cherrytree59 Thu 22-Nov-18 19:02:13

Looks lovely annie
The view of the surrounding countryside is beautiful

Have plans to visit wales next year, will add to my list.

EllanVannin Thu 22-Nov-18 19:08:28

My brother doesn't go anywhere else but Wales Pembrokeshire this year.

Luckygirl Thu 22-Nov-18 19:30:00

Crickhowell is not far from us, and we go through it every time we head for Pembrokeshire. So pleased it now has an award!

Lisagran Thu 22-Nov-18 19:30:11

Crickhowell is a lovely place - wonderful surrounding hills - we often take our campervan there smile

Anniebach Thu 22-Nov-18 19:52:34

Only 15 minutes drive from Crick is a place I love, as did my daughters and grandchildren

Grannybags Thu 22-Nov-18 21:05:15

Well done Crickhowell! We have spent many happy hours walking all the hills in the area and love it there. Keep trying other places but always have to return to Brecon Beacons and Crickhowell

Greyduster Thu 22-Nov-18 21:29:30

We often stop to eat in Crickhowell on our way to Pembrokeshire, always preferring to go the pretty route through the Beacons. Itโ€™s a lovely town. My DH spent a lot of time at Llangorse as a boy, Annie. His grandparents lived at Llanwrtyd Wells, and they spent summer holidays there.

cornergran Thu 22-Nov-18 21:44:21

annie we have a very small black and white photo of Mr C and one of his brothers rowing on Llangorse Lake. Goodness knows how many years old it is, over 50 I would guess. Not sure if rowing boats are allowed now. Itโ€™s a beautiful place.

Anniebach Thu 22-Nov-18 22:09:58

cornergran, lots of boats , not sure about rowing, I use to row there, and canoe.

Greyduster i use to stay in Llanwrtwd when my friend was the parish priest for some years.

Grannybags, I could never leave the Beacons , every morning when I open the curtains there they are , sometimes grey, sometimes purple, somtimes white

annodomini Thu 22-Nov-18 22:38:14

We had a lovely family holiday in the area when the boys were young. Love Crickhowell and sad that we never went back there.

Bathsheba Thu 22-Nov-18 22:49:42

Oh it looks so lovely - congratulations Crickhowell!! Never been there, but I'm so tempted.
We stayed in a little village not far from Laugharne a few years ago, and visited Brecon Beacons. We took a trip on the Brecon Mountain Railway and it was breathtaking, such a beautiful area. You're very lucky to live in such wonderful countryside Annie