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Jane10 Sun 30-Dec-18 14:02:36

To introduce a new topic: we went to see the Glenn Miller Orchestra yesterday. Oh boy. That band is good. They play the Glenn Miller classics so perfectly that at one point I was in tears. What an emotional hit!
The only wrong note was the conductor /musical director. Obviously a lovely man and a clever musical arranger but he was well up in his eighties and, to be honest, he was past it. Time he handed on the baton.
The hall was packed with us oldies but a few youngsters too. If only I could Lindy Hop!

ninathenana Sun 30-Dec-18 14:05:11

I'd have loved that too Jane

GrannyGravy13 Sun 30-Dec-18 14:07:19

Sounds blissful Jane, as much as I enjoy all music the “big band sound” is my favourite.

Marydoll Sun 30-Dec-18 14:08:36

Jane, that must have been so enjoyable.
Somewhere in the depths of our loft are my Glenn Miller LPS. I always felt I needed a dance partner, whenever I listened to them.

Jane10 Sun 30-Dec-18 14:15:51

I just couldn't stop tapping my feet! Tuxedo Junction, In the Mood, String of Pearls, Chattanooga Choo Choo etc. They were sooooo good. I just didn't know people could produce music like that any more.

Chewbacca Sun 30-Dec-18 14:17:22

Lucky you Jane10, I'd have really enjoyed that too. Even in my 20s I loved Glenn Miller band music and like Marydoll I've got several LPs of his just waiting for me to get a record player to play them on.

Buffybee Sun 30-Dec-18 14:17:48

My Ddad loved the Big Band sound and in particular Glenn Miller.
He was a good dancer and a had a great singing voice.
At his funeral last year we had Moonlight Sonata as he came into Church and In the Mood as he left.
At the Reception we played Big Band Music with photos of Dad from him being a child and all through his life, played through tv screens.
Whenever I hear Glenn Miller, I always think of my Dad.
My Dd found a clip of him singing at her house on Christmas Day five years ago when he would have been 89 and sent it to me.
Sorry, to go on but we all loved him to bits and miss him lots.

Jane10 Sun 30-Dec-18 14:24:25

My Dad was who introduced me to Glenn Miller. I always think of him when I listen to this music.
On another note, years ago when working in a certain large posh department store an American couple bought a vase and gave me directions as to where to post it - they were most surprised that I could spell it perfectly - Kalamazoo!

EllanVannin Sun 30-Dec-18 14:27:36

I often play the big band sounds on youtube. Brilliant.

Buffybee Sun 30-Dec-18 15:20:16

Even Dgs aged 10 likes Big Band, he is very musical and has passed Grades in Cornet, Drums and Acoustic Guitar.
The first time he heard his GGDad play Glen Miller, he told him it was really "cool music" and danced around my Ddads living room, much to dad's delight.
Oh crikey! Memories!

merlotgran Sun 30-Dec-18 15:22:00

Oh dear! When I saw the thread title I thought he might be dead! shock

Charleygirl5 Sun 30-Dec-18 15:34:39

Snap merlotgran

Chewbacca Sun 30-Dec-18 16:11:57

Oh dear! When I saw the thread title I thought he might be dead

Now that would have been old news! grin