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Looking for comfy tights. Suggestions please.

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Grammaretto Thu 24-Jan-19 19:00:38

Mil would like easy to put on, warm, comfy tights.
Do they exist?
She's small, 4ft 10ins so I imagine a big baggy pair wouldn't be any good. I'd like to find her some but where to begin?. She's in her 90s but still active.

Scribbles Thu 24-Jan-19 19:18:24

I don't think comfortable tights exist, anywhere, do they? I've always considered them the invention of the devil.

Your MiL is quite petite so will probably spend all her time trying to hitch up tights to stop them descending in wrinkles around her ankles.

Might she be more comfortable with warm leggings and socks? I got some lovely, snuggly leggings from Lidl last winter which came in, I think, XS to XL sizes but, if they're not still available, there are lots of others around.

Jalima1108 Thu 24-Jan-19 19:22:30

I was going to say - there is no such thing.

Struggling to get on even thick tights is surely not possible at age 90, however active.
Does she not like trousers?

MiniMoon Thu 24-Jan-19 19:58:04

Would she like to try leggings? You can buy lovely warm, fleece lined leggings all over the place. M&S sell them. You'd then be a able to get them in a petite size.
I'm 5'3" and my warm winter tights fall down, and don't seem to fit properly around the derriere!

Izabella Thu 24-Jan-19 20:32:33

I tried them once in the late 60's and have never worn them since. From what people say there has been little improvement.

cornergran Thu 24-Jan-19 21:01:45

Well, I love tights, even wear them under trousers - odd I know grin. I’ve got some fleece lined tights from Lidl which are both warm and in my view very comfy. Very cheap, could be worth a try. Otherwise leggings if she would be happy with them.

Grammaretto Thu 24-Jan-19 22:58:16

Thanks everyone. I thought as much. They don't exist. I could suggest leggings and she wears trousers but she likes to wear dresses and skirts too. She has occasions when she dresses up and goes out to tea. I think she's asked several of us to find some which are easy to get on and off. I'll keep trying.

Jalima1108 Thu 24-Jan-19 23:48:24

If your MIL really wants to wear skirts/dresses with tights then perhaps a slightly larger size with lycra might be easier to put on and the lycra will stop them ending up like Norah Batty's.

What about knee length stockings?

mumofmadboys Thu 24-Jan-19 23:59:19

White stuff have some nice warm tights.

seasider Fri 25-Jan-19 07:22:02

I need bigger size tights as I hate them rolling down. I find Pretty Polly to be the best and they have lots of sizes.

dragonfly46 Fri 25-Jan-19 07:28:47

My mum is tiny but always wears size large in tights as they are easier to put on. They don’t seem to bag.

travelsafar Fri 25-Jan-19 08:29:34

Has she tried childrens tights in the largest size they might work.

RosieLeah Fri 25-Jan-19 09:39:34

I have a problem finding tights to fit as I seem to have unusually long legs. A crotch at knee-level is not very comfortable! The best ones for me are Marks and Spencers. I'm quite slim but the large size fit nicely, and the thermal ones are lovely and warm. Childrens clothes go up to teenage sizes,(they go by height) so it should be easy to find something that fits.

Craftycat Fri 25-Jan-19 11:20:10

Haven't worn tights for years. I hate them. If I wear a skirt in winter I wear stockings. In summer my legs go very brown so I don't need them. I use a fake tan until they are brown enough.
I think they are uncomfortable & sweaty. Ugh!.

lucid Fri 25-Jan-19 12:30:23

Try Cosyfeet, they do a petite range of hosiery.

Cornwallgal Fri 25-Jan-19 19:34:15

I hated tights. Never fitted - ugh -but seriously I bought SNAG tights online and they are so fab you don’t know you are wearing them. They are sized so differently. Not cheap but bring on the skirts.

Lazigirl Fri 25-Jan-19 20:52:30

Thanks so much for the SNAG tight info Cornwallgal. They look great. I love Cornwall btw.

lemongrove Fri 25-Jan-19 22:12:36

Agree with others, there are no comfy tights, they are the spawn of Satan.
Even when young and slim they used to bite into me.
When I have to wear something, either stockings or leggings depending on the occasion.

Nannytopsy Fri 25-Jan-19 23:28:34

Cosyfeet are awful - will not stay up!

Lasermum Sun 27-Jan-19 19:27:44

Another vote for SNAG tights - wonderful!

janeainsworth Sun 27-Jan-19 20:27:12

I have Wolford tights. They’re really comfy and never dig in.
Expensive but worth it, they very rarely ladder so most of mine I’ve had for years.

mrsmopp Sun 27-Jan-19 23:58:48

Leggings and boots. Perfect for this cold weather. Warm and comfy.

Jessity Tue 05-Feb-19 14:45:08

Another vote for Snag tights, can't believe how different they are and how comfortable.

Nonnie Tue 05-Feb-19 15:18:52

I suppose it depends on whether she is slim as well as short.

What about the hold up stockings, are they good?

Gettingitrightoneday Fri 22-Feb-19 07:38:33

I can hardly remember when I last wore any tights. I hate the creepy feel of the nylon. Trousers most of the time. Or if I am in the garden then its old garden jeans. I have a stash I bought in charity shops that are very useful for crawling in
the soil.