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Suzyb Fri 08-Feb-19 23:30:25

On a rainy day last week I drove to my new Aldi supermarket. I ran from my car to pick up my shopping trolly and started doing a big shop. Brilliant store with lots of new products added. I spent £90 so was in the store for quite a while. Bagged my shopping and deposited into my car then went round the corner for a quick coffee. 2 days ago I received a parking charge notice for £70 (reduced to £40 if I pay within 14 days of date issued) from a company called Parking Eye who patrol Aldi car parks. Customers are only allowed 1.5 hours parking time and to be fair there are notices up telling you this. I was there for 12 mins over the allotted time. Obviously I didn’t see these notices as I just didn’t expect them to be there so never even thought about looking.
I did phone Aldi and spoke to a guy in their CS Dept and pleaded my case. He asked me to forward my Aldi receipt to them attached to an email. He could bring up my penalty notice on screen from the reference number I gave him. He said Parking Eye would look at it and make a decision as to whether they would cancel this charge. Today I received an email to say I had been successful. Obviously this is a one off but at least I am forewarned now.
My local Sainsbury’ and Tesco don’t have parking restrictions but Aldi car parks are much smaller therefore they have to patrol them so their customers can be sure of a parking space (that’s what I was told).

Ailsa43 Fri 08-Feb-19 23:36:38

Our Aldi car parks have had these 1.5 hour time limits for many years. there's signs everywhere!

merlotgran Fri 08-Feb-19 23:39:14

1.5 hours in Aldi??

I'm in and out in 20 minutes.

They don't call it speed shopping for nothing.

Marydoll Fri 08-Feb-19 23:45:17

Our Lidl has 1.5 hour limit and Tesco 2 hours. I know a number people who have received parking tickets. sad

Ailsa43 Fri 08-Feb-19 23:50:20

Our Tesco is free but has a 2 hour limit. Sainsbury and Waitrose is paid parking with a 3 hour max limit!

Aldi has always been free but with a 1.5 hour limit!!

Lollin Sat 09-Feb-19 00:13:10

All our supermarkets have time limits but I have to check if i plan to use theur cafe first as i never remember how long you are allowed and they all differ.

Our library has free parking for a very short time which only gives me time to have a quick browse and if i talk to the staff at quiet times i worry that i may be going over the free allowance. Shame as they have so much to offer and nice sofas too!

BlueBelle Sat 09-Feb-19 04:54:54

But you were probably only in Aldi your allotted time because you were only 12 minutes over and that included going ‘round the corner for a quick coffee’ so I m presuming to walk to the to the coffee shop, order your coffee and drink it, took up that precious 12 minutes
What a shame a very expensive coffee
You have been very lucky to have it removed

Marydoll Sat 09-Feb-19 07:57:11

Our Morrions used to be a two hour limit, but it was increased to three hours, to allow customers to use the cafe

dragonfly46 Sat 09-Feb-19 08:02:47

Our Aldi has a 3 hour limit maybe because it is on the edge of town which is really handy as there is a Costa there and we often meet friends for coffee as it is so relaxed. Sainsburys and Tesco have two hour limits so it is always a rush to get a coffee in as well as a shop but they are in town.

kittylester Sat 09-Feb-19 08:12:15

I rarely go into the cafe but I will check the times at the Sainsbury's I use. The car park is enormous so I assumed there wouldn't be any restrictions.

Charleygirl5 Sat 09-Feb-19 08:15:55

Oh golly, until I read this I never gave the time I parked a second thought. Technology with number recognition is a curse. Where I live the Sainsburys car park for the smaller of the two stores is in another street, the car park is small so occasionally I have waited for somebody to move out. All of this takes time. At this rate, I will be staying with Waitrose who do not have number recognition yet, do not have a car park attendant either and one can park 3 hours for free.

Suzyb Sat 09-Feb-19 08:16:40

BlueBelle...They did remove my penalty on this occasion. 👏 Won’t let it happen again and will still use Aldi.

Harris27 Sat 09-Feb-19 08:24:05

Wow this is new to me! I did get done at a&e taking granson to hospital urgently couple of years ago but never even looked at parking restriction at aldi will have look next time I go. Usually in and out in 30 mins though hate food shop!!!!

grumppa Sat 09-Feb-19 08:31:43

Our local Waitrose has just handed over supervision of its two-hour limit to a CP company, I noticed yesterday. Fortunately, its cafė is not well managed, so there is not much temptation to linger.

annodomini Sat 09-Feb-19 08:55:49

I had a similar experience with Parking Eye when I didn't notice their signs at a local hotel. Fortunately, the receptionist was used to this problem and managed to get the company to rescind the charge. They also manage the parking at one of our nearby hospitals where a lot of people have fallen into the trap. A friend referred them to our MP who sorted it out for her.

KatyK Sat 09-Feb-19 10:20:38

Our Tesco has a 2 hour limit. It used to be free all day and we didn't know it had changed and stayed longer. They let us off with a 'don't do it again' warning.

NanaandGrampy Sat 09-Feb-19 10:23:12

Our Morrison’s has a 2 hr time limit but they have an on site cafe and if you feel you’re going to be longer you can stop at Customer Services on the way out with your receipt and they will validate it for you for any over run so should you be ticketed you can get it waived.

This simply stops those who would park there all day and head off to work .

Suzyb Sat 09-Feb-19 10:48:31

Totally agree with this NanaandGrampy

M0nica Sat 09-Feb-19 11:15:04

My local Waitroses have a maximum 2 hour limit. One is in a public car park and will refund the cost of an hour's parking.

farview Sat 09-Feb-19 12:09:41

Our Morrison's has a 3hr limit but they do, kindly,let myself and other volunteers at the hospice shop park there for the duration of our shifts

JackyB Sat 09-Feb-19 13:29:04

I hope they don't start introducing this sort of thing here in Germany. We parked at Aldi the other evening when we went for a meal in the restaurant opposite.

From the examples quoted above, it sounds like the administration costs are as high as any takings for fines they might be making.