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Bigg(ish) birthday!

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grandmac Sun 17-Feb-19 14:43:32

I’ll be 75 soon and am bombarded with queries from AC and sister as to what I’d like. (I know, how lucky am I?). But everything I think of is either too expensive i.e. a FindmyPast subscription, a cruise!, or needs to be personally chosen. I’ve suggested a day out to my sister, but I think they all want something that can be unwrapped on the day.
Any ideas from other Gransnetters gratefully received. Thank you.

kittylester Sun 17-Feb-19 14:51:04

A flower subscription? I think it was maw who was given a regular bouquet delivery as a present. I'd love that!

Esmerelda Sun 17-Feb-19 14:59:25

Good suggestion kittylester, or how about an 'experience' such as can be found at Red Letter Days? There are plenty to choose from and they can come in a gift box (and be changed by you if you're not too keen on the one you get!).

suzied Sun 17-Feb-19 15:43:25

They could club together to get you that subscription perhaps?

chelseababy Sun 17-Feb-19 16:31:14

DNA test for family history?

PECS Sun 17-Feb-19 16:31:34

Flowers / cheese /whisky/coffee/chocolates all can be delivered at intervals throughout the year ! I have bought all these as gifts for various friends /relatives for special birthdays! If thy got together they could choose something and then buy an appropriate something to open on the day, e.g. coffee cup, cheese board etc.

Not sure what your interests are or where you live but a subscription to the National Trust /English Heritage/RHS or an Art Pass might be of interest.

A gift voucher / experience voucher can always be accompanied by a small token gift so there is something to 'open'!

A friend enjoyed a family photoshoot with all her family and included was one framed photo of her choice. She could have bought others too.

grandmac Sun 17-Feb-19 22:20:48

Thank you everyone.
suzied I did suggest that but they didn’t like that idea of a joint gift. Even though it’s something I really want. I’ll work on them!

chelseababy I had a DNA test for Christmas. Results expected 2nd March.

PECS like the idea of regular deliveries of chocolates and the NT or English Heritage membership. And love the idea of a family photo shoot, if I can get them all in the appropriate place at the same time.

kittylester. Like the idea of flowers too. Will investigate that further.

Many thanks ladies. All good ideas.

dragonfly46 Sun 17-Feb-19 22:24:29

My daughter arranged for me to have letterbox flowers once a month for a year from Bloom and Wild and they are fabulous!