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tilt Mon 11-Mar-19 14:15:09

Does anyone have any experience of the yls easylife lotto club. My mother in law has just received a letter from them saying she is part of a lotto syndicate. I am concerned as they have said they will contact her for her bank details in the event of a win. I would appreciate any relevant information about this Thank you.

Charleygirl5 Mon 11-Mar-19 14:32:11

Have you googled it? It sounds like a scam to me. Is she paying towards any syndicate now? Why not send her a cheque if she wins? It sounds like something of which I would stay well clear.

M0nica Mon 11-Mar-19 14:51:59

Steer your mother a long way from this. It is not a scam per se, but a very clever way of getting money out of, mainly, elderly people, but staying the right side of the law.

What has probably happened is that your mother has received some leaflet or catalogue from Easy Life and she has ordered from it over the phone. During that phone call she will have been told that if she joins the Easy Life Reward club, she will have access to all kinds of discounts etc,including prizes.

Whether she said no or yes, she will find that £70 or £80 has been taken from her bank account (she would have given those details to buy the original product)and she would have been enrolled as a member. If she says she turned down membership, they will deny it. She will get more offers, be offered more 'rewards' and prizes.

I had a client who got lured into this, we had a devil of a job to extricate him and even then he did not get the first year's money back.

Here is a link to the Trust Pilot reviews
and this recent article in the DM Here are some more reviews]]p

BradfordLass72 Mon 11-Mar-19 21:41:22

I've recently encountered this in our elders group. Different name but same idea and the spiel began with "We pay you for paying your bills".

Lots of quite complicated details followed and the enthusiastic speaker telling us she'd "made $780 in the first month!"
It was, we were told, started by "Two Australian women who made a lot of money in business and wanted to give back, especially to the elderly".

But simple questions from us did not get simple answers and the very last thing we were told was the quite startlingly high fee to join this club.

I said, "Suppose you don't have that sort of money?" And was told to put it on my credit card (I don't have one), or not pay my Rates (what?), or borrow it because "you'll easily make it back in two months, as I did"

Of course they wanted bank account details and forms giving permissions....

It's as MOnica says, a way of getting money whilst staying just within the law and there are many schemes like this doing the rounds.

Perhaps the worst aspect of this was that we were all assembled at a funeral home prior to farewelling one of our group.

This promoter was a family friend, she said, and just decided on the spur of the moment to "tell us about this marvellous idea which will have so many benefits".

I suppose to dupe elders out of their hard earned savings, insensitivity is a prerequisite.