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Sussexes baby plans

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Magrithea Mon 15-Apr-19 15:43:23

I read to day in the paper that Royal fans are 'disappointed' that they won't do they usual for pics on the steps of the hospital! I can think of nothing worse when you've just given birth than to have to get 'tarted up' so that a few people are satisfied.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a Royal fan but why should they do what everyone wants?

lemongrove Mon 15-Apr-19 15:51:15

Because they are public figures?!

Anniebach Mon 15-Apr-19 16:17:30

Tarted up? make up, hair brushed and a frock . and more than a few people expect what Diana did twice and Kate 3 times.

Why should they live in Frogmore , have royal titles and the privileges that go with their titles.

They are either in or out of the public eye, Zarah Phillips chose out, this couple chose in.

Personally I am thankful we will be spared seeing them

Nonnie Mon 15-Apr-19 16:18:56

I'm glad they have the courage to do what they want rather than what they are expected to do. They are simply a couple having their first baby and should be left to get on with it imo.

Gonegirl Mon 15-Apr-19 16:19:19

Well, as she is having the baby at home (apparently) it would be rather a pointless trek to the steps of the Linden Wing, to have a few pics taken.

Fennel Mon 15-Apr-19 16:49:34

I don't blame them after how the media, especially the press, have treated them.
We love them, vs we hate them etc.
Give them some privacy.

nanaK54 Mon 15-Apr-19 16:54:35

Gonegirl grin grin grin

luluaugust Mon 15-Apr-19 17:03:35

If its a home birth perhaps she could be pictured on her own doorstep like Cherie Blair! I reckon we should just go back to an announcement being put up outside Buck House.

Anniebach Mon 15-Apr-19 17:08:21

Then why the announcement of no announcement and if they are ‘just a couple’ then why the need for the announcement, wish they would decide in or out, not one foot in an the other out

Anniebach Mon 15-Apr-19 17:12:04

The Blair baby was born in hospital and being the first baby born to a serving PM for 150 years why not photograph the baby outside no 10

SueH49 Wed 17-Apr-19 01:17:06

Agree Anniebach. They seem to use their position to suit. when it is all said and done they are only minor Royals, like Anne, Andrew and Edward. I don't remember those commanding the spotlight like the Sussex's do. then again I guess the media is different now days.