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Are Gransnetters glowing in the heat?

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Marilla Tue 25-Jun-19 15:15:30

I always imagine in hot weather to be wearing a pretty dress, sitting relaxed and cool in a deck chair with a book and simply glowing. Instead, I am wearing an old grey tee shirt, Eric Morcombe shorts and the sweat is running down my eyes. My hair is sticking to my neck and forehead and I feel an absolute mess! 🥴 Not a good look! 😎

mokryna Tue 25-Jun-19 15:20:22

Not too bad in Paris today but not looking forward to the next few days with 30 in a class. I get through it as children don't say too much when watching an English film with French subtitles.

kittylester Tue 25-Jun-19 15:29:38

I've just put the heating on!

SueDonim Tue 25-Jun-19 15:34:08

Yes, I'm glowing in the heat - provided by my central heating! It's a heady 12.5 degrees here in Scotland.

MiniMoon Tue 25-Jun-19 15:47:52

We've had the heating on too kitty and Sue. It's 12°c here in rural Northumberland. Nothing in the garden is growing, and the poppies and tall plants are looking sorry for themselves because of the cold wind.

MawBroonsback Tue 25-Jun-19 15:48:38

Building an ark here.
Pretty dresses and deckchairs don’t go so well with wellies and sou’westers!

kittylester Tue 25-Jun-19 15:53:07

Thank goodness others have the heating on! I thought I was either ill or being a wuss. grin

lemongrove Tue 25-Jun-19 15:53:22

Jeans and a long sleeved shirt here today, it isn’t cold, it’s humid, yet due to the rain, feels strangely chilly.
Hot weather on the way though, so pretty dresses at the ready.🌞

ninathenana Tue 25-Jun-19 15:55:44

A chunky cardi is cheaper than the heating 😀
It's very humid here, the sun has been out but it's now overcast. When I got back to my car after being in Tesco earlier it was 29c.
Patio doors are wide open and the fan is on. So quiet comfortable.

yggdrasil Tue 25-Jun-19 15:56:46

I'm in the West Country, my heating is on a medium thermostat, and it has just switched on!

Suki70 Tue 25-Jun-19 16:14:01

Overcast and humid in South London, all doors open wide and it's 22c inside the house.

nonnasusie Tue 25-Jun-19 16:22:04

Still too hot to go outside here! Also the water pressure is almost non existent!!

nonnasusie Tue 25-Jun-19 16:22:45

Not glowing more wilting!

matson Tue 25-Jun-19 16:28:36

Heating back on here on N.E. coast !!

HootyMcOwlface Tue 25-Jun-19 16:34:15

It’s chucking it down here and I am cuddled up in my winter woolies.

jane1956 Tue 25-Jun-19 16:35:48

going rusty in the rain here

Marilla Tue 25-Jun-19 17:06:47

Sorry to annoy those wearing their winter woolies, but I cannot wait for cooler September and the slightly darker evenings!
You can take the girl out of Scotland but cannot take Scotland out of the girl. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿😎

sodapop Tue 25-Jun-19 17:27:11

Would someone in Scotland please let me come and stay with them. It's 30 degrees here and getting hotter as the week goes on. I spend my day inside with the fan. I'm wilted too and look as you describe Marilla nothing cool and chic about me sadly.

tanith Tue 25-Jun-19 17:29:26

It's muggy but cloudy in Dorset but I'm outside reading in shorts and t-shirt.

Sara65 Tue 25-Jun-19 17:36:43

Very humid here in the West Country, just got in from work, and opened all the windows!

Callistemon Tue 25-Jun-19 17:41:13

It's warm (20C outside), cloudy and humid here, 23C in the conservatory,, but apparently may be 28C and sunny on Friday!
Cotton trousers and t shirt today, and bare feet.

Coolgran65 Tue 25-Jun-19 17:43:07

I’m in Ulster. My oriental poppies have also suffered as have I. A little sunshybut no heatwavr

Day6 Tue 25-Jun-19 18:16:35

it isn’t cold, it’s humid, yet due to the rain, feels strangely chilly

It's exactly the same here lemon and the house feels slightly cold and damp because we have had do much rain. I have the heating on now but I am too hot by the radiator - in jeans, T shirt and cardigan!

I welcome sunshine with a breeze. If the 'good weather' which has been forecast turns out to be clammy, sticky, uncomfortable heat it can stay right where it is! That's not proper summer - that's endurance weather and I hate it.

Katyj Tue 25-Jun-19 18:25:40

Our central heating is broken, were sat here in Yorkshire with a warm fan on 😕

EllanVannin Tue 25-Jun-19 18:33:25

Thank goodness for that-----I've got a thick cardigan on !
My feet are like ice.

I was in Paris during the heatwave of 2003 when thousands died. With D and GD in Disneyland and hoping we wouldn't see bodies piled in the streets as had been reported.

blondenana Tue 25-Jun-19 18:37:08

Rain all day here too, different to last year, not cold though,
Jeans t shirt and thin cardi, but good forecast for next week,
Apparently some European countries are going to have 45dg heat next week, southern France being one, just where my daughter is going next week, and my son in Spain says it is too hot, has been all year apart from a couple of weeks

SueDonim Tue 25-Jun-19 18:39:43

Ninathenana I am wearing a chunky cardigan! And sheepskin slippers to keep my feet warm. It's blooming nippy.

The wild foxgloves have only come out here in the last three or four days - I thought I'd missed them when I was away on holiday but no, they're just very late.

watermeadow Tue 25-Jun-19 18:51:40

“Horses sweat and men perspire but women merely glow”
It’s very humid here, which makes my ankles swell badly, but indoors is quite cool.
My little old house was designed to be cool in summer and freezing in winter.

Cherrytree59 Tue 25-Jun-19 19:14:04

I glow all year round thanks to the menopause.

Weather wise yesterday was very humid.
Today much cooler and has rained for most of the the day. ☔ ☔ ☔

Hopefully a dryer day tomorrow as my little 5 yr old grandson is taking part in the Race for Life on what will be a very squelchy field.

Pittcity Tue 25-Jun-19 19:17:45

Even DS, who is ok with heat declared today a "two shower" day. It's really humid in East Anglia and I'm glowing just sitting still.

M0nica Tue 25-Jun-19 19:50:42

I am sitting in Oxfordshire typing this, with warm socks and a cardigan on.

DH has just rung from Antwetp, Belgium to say that it is sweltering hot there.

MiniMoon Tue 25-Jun-19 21:19:42

I'm looking after my granddaughter's goldfish while they are on holiday. Walking back to my house I breathed out heavily and my glasses steamed up 😮! At least it isn't raining, yet.

Fennel Wed 26-Jun-19 09:41:55

It's still cool and damp here - Tyneside.

KatyK Wed 26-Jun-19 09:47:26

What heat? confused

GabriellaG54 Wed 26-Jun-19 11:31:39

I haven't had any heating on since the end of Feb. I'm most comfortable in cool or cold weather or if there is a decent breeze in hot weather.
Temp here is 17 and climbing and I have windows wide open as they have been all night.
Luckily, not much rainfall here, certainly no mist or flooding.

felice Wed 26-Jun-19 13:08:07

Hot and sticky here about 30°, luckily my terrace is not overlooked as DD and I would have scared the horses sitting topless there yesterday afternoon.
It is the Ommengang Medieval Festival here this week Son in Law is taking part in a heavy velvet costume carrying a large crossbow.
DD has a large backpack of bottles of water which she and others will be handing out to the 300 cast members.
Hot. Worse in the rain as the costumes get very heavy.

merlotgran Wed 26-Jun-19 13:23:48

It's 18C here but I've been gardening in a jumper because of the breeze.

I doubt the heatwave will last long because I've just bought a tower fan to keep us cool!

EllanVannin Wed 26-Jun-19 13:29:03

I'm still wearing a jumper because of the sea breeze, a thinner jumper for the summer----it's only 18 degrees, nowhere near warm enough for me.

SueDonim Wed 26-Jun-19 14:09:00

16 deg and sunny here. I've still got a cardi on! grin

henetha Wed 26-Jun-19 15:26:51

Its muggy and warm in south Devon. Hardly a heat wave though. The sun has finally come out after a cloudy morning.

Gonegirl Wed 26-Jun-19 15:30:20

Sweating here. (There's nice) Berkshire. Moved into the shade. Much better. Nice breeze.

M0nica Wed 26-Jun-19 16:26:10

Used to be Berkshire but are now Oxfordshire. It is really quite cool here. I am wearing a cotton sweater over a long sleeved shirt and considering putting socks on.

GabriellaG54 Fri 28-Jun-19 11:42:48

It's lovely and warm
Down here in the South
I've socks on my feet
And ice in my mouth

My temperature's rising
Cheeks mottled and flushed
By the end of the day
I just know I'll be bushed

I'll be frank, I'm just dripping
With sweat down my back
And scanning YouTube
For the best cooling hack

No matter...I've melted
And all that is left
Is a puddle like piddle.
And a family bereft sad

Yorksherlass Fri 28-Jun-19 13:27:28

GabriellaG54 ha ha, loving the poem, more please .

Yorksherlass Fri 28-Jun-19 13:32:45

Btw best cooling hack I know is a ice cold bottle of water or gin or whatever floats your boat , under the left armpit , it cools the blood as it comes from the heart, you could even wrap it in something if you like ,🥵

Mamie Fri 28-Jun-19 14:22:53

It is 35° here in Normandy and 38° tomorrow. I have just spent an hour rocking gently in the hammock under the trees. We have every shutter and curtain tightly shut. We had done four hours in the garden by ten o'clock this morning, when we had to stop work.
Fortunately we have air conditioning in the bedroom.

Fennel Fri 28-Jun-19 15:49:32

Mamie I well remember those hot summer days.
We lived down south in the Gers near the Pyrenees and had a few weeks of it every summer. This year definitely hotter.The cereal farmers had to work at nights on their tractors. Don't know how the few animal farmers coped.
I was worried about our old english friends still there but she says they have an air-con unit which they can move from the living room to the bedroom.
Still about 23 degrees in NE England, maybe 28 tomorrow.

Mamie Fri 28-Jun-19 16:21:30

Fennel the lunchtime news said that today's 45° in the south has broken the previous record for France which was 44° in August 2003. Funnily enough we were on holiday in Les Landes that year, which was when we decided that it was too hot for us and we would move to Normandie.....

Fennel Fri 28-Jun-19 16:56:00

I remember the canicule of 2003, didn't realise it had got that hot. What made it worse down our way was that it hadn't rained for weeks and the clay soil dried out and caused structural damage in some houses.

Mamie Fri 28-Jun-19 17:31:20

Canicule is such a lovely word. All you want to do is lie in the shade and pant..... 😀🐶

Tweedle24 Fri 28-Jun-19 18:24:21

I was sitting outside reading earlier, in the shade of the parasol, but, had to come indoors when I got too hot. I had planned to acquire a tan this year but, don’t think that will happen.

jusnoneed Fri 28-Jun-19 18:33:41

Hot but not too humid today in Dorset. Nice breeze blowing for the last couple of days, thank goodness as it would be uncomfortable. Keep the curtains closed in various rooms as the sun goes around and open the windows as they get shaded.

Day6 Fri 28-Jun-19 18:33:46

Ahhh. We have got the sunny weather now, and it is lovely, because there is a breeze. A breeze is essential imo. Sun without a breeze makes me 'glow', lots!

I hate it if I have to do anything when it is so hot. Today I have got two lots of washing dried on the line and I have been sitting out in it, for short bursts. I feel uncomfortable after about ten minutes.

I have bought myself one of those (JLM?) 'Ice Towels' because I really do get uncomfortably hot and sticky if I have to walk around for any length of time in heat. I hate it when my hair sticks to my head and I can feel my body glistening all over with sweat 'glowing' stuff.

I too think I should look summery in a frock with a pretty straw hat and dainty sandals as I sip my drink through a straw, but I am in an old floaty maxi skirt, a vest T shirt and have ditched the bra. It's not a pretty sight really. confused

Callistemon Fri 28-Jun-19 19:36:10

I remember the 'canicule' (lovely word) of 2003 as we were in Cornwall; it was lovely with the sea breezes but apparently unbearably hot at home.

Callistemon Fri 28-Jun-19 19:37:16

It has been hot but breezy today so not that unbearable, but we are supposed to be somewhere outdoors tomorrow when it is supposed to be 29C or 30C.
Everyone will be seeking the same bit of shade.

Callistemon Fri 28-Jun-19 19:39:23

I may wear a dress, hat and sandals but will not look dainty in the slightest!

SparklyGrandma Fri 28-Jun-19 19:42:30

Boiling hot here, iced water,curtains shut to stop sun heating up the room, cold shower before bed.

Buying a tower fan from JL tomorrow, one with a quieter sleep option.

Sara65 Fri 28-Jun-19 19:45:51

I started the afternoon in a pretty linen dress, strappy sandals, floppy sunhat felt pretty good if I’m honest

Off to end of term open air concert at one of my granddaughters school, boiling hot, holding youngest granddaughter slick with sun cream, enduring her big wet kisses, hair sticking to me, dress looking like a dish rag.

Well at least I tried

NfkDumpling Fri 28-Jun-19 19:47:43

Come to the east coast folks. I had a hot water bottle in bed last night!

Wroxham on the Norfolk Broads reached the heady heights of 18 C at two o’clock this afternoon! (It felt chillier in the breeze!).

It should warm up a bit over the weekend though to a proper English summer heat.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Fri 28-Jun-19 19:55:45

It is bloomin' hot in the East Midlands and I'm all shiny and sticky. Uncomfortable, but that's all.
You can put loads of layers on to warm up in the cold but I find it more difficult to cool down.
I'm alive so I won't moan.

dahlia Fri 28-Jun-19 19:59:38

Only 16C this evening here in south Cornwall, with dull skies and sea mist. I don't think we will have the hottest day of the summer tomorrow, as is forecast for the rest of the country. Thank goodness, I really wilt when it's hot and enjoy autumn and winter - though I don't enjoy the heating bills!

Treebee Fri 28-Jun-19 20:13:07

I was looking forward to this week’s supposed heatwave. It’s sunny and dry here in north Bucks but that wind is still chilly. Will it hit 30 tomorrow? I wonder.

Grandma70s Fri 28-Jun-19 20:16:55

I suppose at my age I shouldn't be wishing the summer away, but I hate it. I hate being too hot, I hate summer clothes except on the young. Longing for autumn and winter.

My young grandchildren are going to Legoland Windsor tomorrow and I feel worried about them in the heat.

Sara65 Fri 28-Jun-19 20:44:35


I’ve been to Legoland in extreme heat, it’s definitely not fun! But they do have that big water park, so make sure they pack their. Swimsuits

Pittcity Fri 28-Jun-19 21:35:04

I've got a sweatshirt and socks on and have just had a hot chocolate. The breeze is quite chilly here in Colchester.

Sara65 Fri 28-Jun-19 21:44:09

Still very hot here in the West Country, not a breath of air!

MrsAllboys Fri 28-Jun-19 22:00:48

Not quite sure why Marilla needs to wear an ‘old grey T-shirt and Eric Morecambe shorts’, she doesn’t say but it sounds horrendous😆. Unless of course she is clearing out the shed or doing some heavy gardening!

NfkDumpling Sat 29-Jun-19 17:06:46

The heat has reached the north of Norfolk. Although it’s probably cooler on the coast still, we’re twelve miles inland and its 36 in the sun and 29 in the shade. Lovely sitting in the garden under a brolly with a glass of chilled white spritzer!

MiniMoon Sat 29-Jun-19 17:28:08

It's been a lovely couple of days here in sw Northumberland. My husband and I went out to a local trout fishery for lunch, then a walk round my old home town. We took the scenic route home, through the little country lanes and villages. The temperature has been a pleasant 23-25° which is just right for me.
The sun has gone now though, and clouds are building, the forecast is for thunderstorms later this evening, we will see. I may close the windows shortly as the scent of barbecues is in the air! 🍔🍗

EllanVannin Sat 29-Jun-19 18:02:28

Only 18 degrees here.

Resurgam123 Sat 29-Jun-19 18:25:05

I don't feel I am glowing at all. The exhaustion of being in a high humidity garden has flattened me.

travelsafar Sat 29-Jun-19 19:34:42

My DH is lying on the bed trying to cool down, i am sitting in the lounge with the windows opened and the curtains closed trying to stop the sun shinning in, who would have thought!!! Ive just had a cool shower and put on a halter neck dress to try and keepcool.Our Bowls match was cancelled this afternoon as opposing team thought it was just to hot and a bit dangerous as some players quite elderly. Well into the 30's here today. Can't imagine how those in Europe are coping with the mid 40's.

Cherrytree59 Sat 29-Jun-19 19:49:58

Lovely sunny day 34° this afternoon according to car thermostat. 🔥
Going a bit cloudy now.
Weather forcast for tomorrow is about 24°.

NfkDumpling Sun 30-Jun-19 07:02:23

Where are you Ellan?

Greyduster Sun 30-Jun-19 07:21:16

It hit thirty seven degrees in our conservatory yesterday with the doors and windows open! Too hot to sit outside, too hot to sit inside! I dug out my shorts but was almost tempted to wear ⚡️☄️ a skirt😱!!! Hope today is going to be a tad cooler.

Pittcity Sun 30-Jun-19 08:49:52

It seems that yesterday's tropical weather in East Anglia was a blip and it's much cooler today.

gillybob Sun 30-Jun-19 08:56:37

It was about 18-20 degrees in our garden yesterday afternoon, pleasant but hardly tropical. The problem with being this close to the East Coast is we tend to get the cool breezes straight off the North Sea.

Whitewavemark2 Sun 30-Jun-19 09:01:58

A much better temperature forecast today at 20c+ . I can garden quite happily and sit and relax in that temperature, but at 31c yesterday afternoon we just sit indoors with the blinds pulled and windows wide open for a through draft. Too hot for me.

Fennel Sun 30-Jun-19 10:27:03

Someone mentioned wearing a skirt - last summer was very hot here and I noticed that many of the large women had discarded their tight jeans and gone into skirts.

Whitewavemark2 Sun 30-Jun-19 10:29:51

My garb yesterday was shorts and sleeveless top. Today it’s capris and short sleeved top🙂. Not keen on skirts. Quite like dresses though.

SparklyGrandma Mon 01-Jul-19 23:47:58

I ordered a tower fan today, for delivery Wednesday. It even has a quiet nighttime setting with a timer, so you can sleep easily but not have it on all night.

Also lots of ice in my freezer, for iced water to drink.