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Hermes not returned my parcel

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blondenana Fri 19-Jul-19 21:22:16

Fuming Hermes collected a returns from me and not returned it to Ideal world, wondered where my refund was ,so rang up, man on phone says it has been returned, and will investigate no refund, now got an email to say not returned;
After Hermes collected it another courier called for it, what is going on?
Both must have been asked to collect it, but why?
Hermes man gave me a card saying receipt on it, but no signature etc

I wrote date and time on it in case of any queries
Hopefully Hermes will know which drivers were in my area on that date and time,plus description

paddyann Fri 19-Jul-19 22:09:30

they should be able to trace it for you ,if not then its up to them to compensate you .I use Hermes a lot and they are excellent ,but it all depends on who the courier is .Hope you get it sorted ,its in their hands now so make sure you dont let tem away with it ,remind them regularly until its sorted

blondenana Fri 19-Jul-19 23:12:57

Thanks for your reply, i usually have had no problem either, but can't understand why 2 different people turned up to collect it,or why i was told it HAD been returned then the email,
It is difficult to understand what is being said too, as they sound as if they are in India

paddyann Sat 20-Jul-19 01:57:54

can you e-mail them instead of call,then you'll have a record of all your correspondence .Tell them you have a hearing problem so would prefer e-mail or msg on FB .When you get it sorted make sure they always leave cards with the details filled in in future just so you have proof .Good luck with it

blondenana Sat 20-Jul-19 09:33:55

Yes i did email them back as soon as i saw theirs, with pic of receipt he left me,but going to ring now too,
Will update when i have spoken to them

blondenana Sat 20-Jul-19 11:31:35

Spoken with Ideal World customer services, they will look into what has happened and escalate it, but when i rang to arrange return i said should i print a label and was told no it didn't matter, so just wrote the address out,on parcel, but put all relevant info inside,like my name address, account no and order no,
The lady i spoke to asked if i had done this as sometime Hermes open parcels
So just a matter of waiting a bit longer now until it is sorted
I have never returned anything by Hermes before, but have had deliveries
Apparently the driver should have signed the receipt, but didn't so who knows he might not have returned it,it does happen i believe

mrsgreenfingers56 Tue 20-Aug-19 08:46:34

Hermes put a parcel in my bin when I went away on a last minute holiday last year. Neighbour thought she was doing me a favour by putting the bin out due to hot weather and guess where my parcel went? To the tip! Hermes driver so rude when I tackled them about it and swore at me I shouldn't go away on holiday when parcel ordered! I said none of your business, your job is to safely deliver parcels, leave with a neighbour, behind the bin not in it, or whatever. Never got a refund off Hermes. Not professional at all. Won't use them now. Totally unprofessional and rude.