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j00ls312 Mon 12-Aug-19 17:46:29

Has anyone learned to drive over 60 years old? I had lessons at 17 and then again in my 20s but failed one test and second time around couldn’t afford to keep going. Am I too old now?

TwiceAsNice Mon 12-Aug-19 18:06:46

No go for it. Find a nice instructor you feel comfortable with. You might decide to drive an automatic, it’s definitely a lot easier

Septimia Mon 12-Aug-19 18:11:27

My mum tried to learn when she was young but gave up as she wasn't doing very well.

She tried again in her 70s, after my dad died. She gave up again as she felt she was an accident waiting to happen. But at least she gave it a go.

No reason why you shouldn't be able to succeed this time. If you don't, at least you'll have tried; but I think you're young enough to cope and old enough to use your life experience to master the skills.

Go for it!

Thingmajig Mon 12-Aug-19 19:47:48

I passed my test a few years ago at age 57. I had a very patient lady instructor who was always encouraging.
No reason not to at least give it a shot, you'll probably ace it! smile