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Singing Club ? anyone knows of one?

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jura2 Thu 15-Aug-19 11:27:21

Just love singing, always have. But a formal choir does not do it for me, too formal, only classical, folk or Church music. I want to sing just for the fun and love of it- anything, in any language. We have a very bif ex-Parish room with kitchen and WCs at the back of this old 16C vicarage/farm- and I am going to put it to yet another good use this autumn.

A singing club- all welcome, all ages, nationalities - each participant will have to have the words written and printed for the others- and be prepared to lead for this song. And we will all join in - maybe it will develop into different voices, perhaps some will bring musical instruments... see how it goes. Can't wait. Sent invites to the local Asylum seekers hostel too- would love to sing songs from around the world.

Do you think it will work?

rubysong Thu 15-Aug-19 13:11:31

That sounds like a brilliant idea. Where are you? I would come. I go to a community choir and we sing a wide range of songs and put on a couple of concerts every year. One of our members had to wear a 24 hour blood pressure monitor and the lowest reading was the couple of hours she was at singing, so it is a very healthy thing to do.

MiniMoon Thu 15-Aug-19 16:20:45

There are several "Can't Sing" choirs popping up around the country. I wonder if you could start one of those? They sound like fun, I wish there was one near me.

Luckygirl Thu 15-Aug-19 17:20:38

I have run community choirs for decades along the principles that you are describing. Look at the natural voice network:

I have a VAST collection of easy to sing songs for such choirs and would be happy to email any to you as pdfs.

I do so hope it is successful.

jura2 Thu 15-Aug-19 17:24:07

ruby- I live a long way away, in the Jura mountains of Switzerland, very close to France (although I am dual national and lived in the UK for 40 years- and still come very regularly).

Thanks lucky - would love any ideas. We will sing with just the words, and ear - no sheet music.