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Prince Harry’s defence of his wife .

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Birdwatcher4 Wed 02-Oct-19 12:34:25

Can someone tell me how on earth the Daily Mail got hold of a private letter of a member of the royal family!?! did the person she wrote it to pass it on if so that’s despicable .

Oopsminty Wed 02-Oct-19 12:39:20

I think this has been covered well in other threads.

It's looking like Meghan's father passed it on.

jude2006 Wed 02-Oct-19 12:42:58

That is what I was wondering Birdwatcher4, how did The Mail newspaper get hold of this letter.
It crossed my mind whether the Royals PR is working to stop the papers targeting Prince Andrew, I hope not!!!

EllanVannin Wed 02-Oct-19 14:03:37

Harry's going to be fiercely protective of his wife and child thinking of how his parents were once hounded.

The media don't do it so much to Princess Anne, hahahaha.

mumofmadboys Wed 02-Oct-19 14:10:53

If her father sold it to the Daily M that is despicable. Surely it shouldn't be printed without the writer's consent.

mumofmadboys Wed 02-Oct-19 14:11:27

I personally hope the DM has to pay a vast sum out.

Gonegirl Wed 02-Oct-19 14:14:39

So do I.

Callistemon Thu 03-Oct-19 02:42:49

EllanVannin you make an interesting point about Princess Anne.
However, Anne and Margaret (and of course Diana and Sarah, Sophie etc) had to run the gauntlet of the press when they were young.
The media seems obsessed with young, female Royals.

Sexist and ageist?

Of course, didn't Princess Anne tell them to naff off?

oldgimmer1 Thu 03-Oct-19 06:44:46

The media only gives is what we want.

If we weren't lapping up every scurrilous detail of these over-pampered nonentities' lives there wouldn't be a market for this nonsense.

Loislovesstewie Thu 03-Oct-19 06:52:08

I would have more sympathy if they stopped lecturing us and behaved as though they realised how fortunate they are. As far as I am concerned we, the plebs, have an unspoken contract with them. They go around waving, opening things and attending functions. We , in return, pay huge amounts of money to them. I don't expect lectures and I expect them to give up some of their privacy. I also expect them to behave themselves or at least keep anything they do away from us.
Was it the Queen Mother who said ' Never complain, never complain'? I think that sums it up for me.

eazybee Thu 03-Oct-19 08:33:53

I think the Queen's mantra is thought to be, 'Never explain, never complain.'

Harry and his wife would do well to follow it, and stop lecturing us about how we should live our lives, whilst recently setting such a poor personal example.

The Mail, undoubtedly in the wrong, will nevertheless use the opportunity to expose every detail of the dysfunctional relationships within the Markle family, including Meghan.

Whitewavemark2 Thu 03-Oct-19 08:39:51

I always find it astounding that most posters maintain that they much prefer a monarchy to a republic, and yet spend much of their energy when talking about members of the royal family criticising their behaviour.

Odd really given that the Windsor’s are human with human frailties just like us.

Who’d have thunk?

Callistemon Thu 10-Oct-19 23:36:21

The behaviour of some of them.
And we probably spend even more time criticising the behaviour of politicians grin

The Swedish Royal Family has just removed the title of prince and princess from all but those in the first direct line of succession, leaving the others free to pursue their own course in life.

It sounds like a good plan.