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Tracing an old friend

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mrsmopp Wed 27-Nov-19 10:59:44

I lost touch with a good friend some years ago and would love to make contact again. We have both moved house in the interim. Haven’t found her on social media at all, nor in death or marriage records.
But her son is on twitter and he has over 2000 followers. I don’t know if I can contact him direct as he won’t know me and I’m not on Twitter. Any advice?

Bussy Wed 27-Nov-19 13:42:31

Hi @mrsmopp yes you can contact someone directly on Twitter. You must be a member to do so, then you select ‘Follow’ on her sons page - little blue button, there are two ways to send a message so please be careful as I would think you would want this approach to be private otherwise his 2000 followers and all of their followers can see your message so don’t choose the tweet button - the one in a circle looks like a feather - choose Message instead and you will send a private message. Good luck with your message hope things work out. Remember if he is popular on Twitter and has 2000 followers he might get more than a few messages so if you don’t hear from him try once more as sometimes direct messages can get lost in the bunch. Hope all works out well for you there are old friends I would love to hear from so here is hoping all ends well

Gelisajams Wed 27-Nov-19 13:44:37

Explain in your first sentence who you are and explain you have lost touch with his mother and ask for his help. Worst that can happen is he ignores you.
I got in touch with an old friend after searching for years. I stumbled across on Facebook someone who I thought was her sister and she was very helpful in re connecting us. If you don’t do Twitter you could either sign up or enlist the help of another friend who is. How do know son is on Twitter? Good luck finding her!

mrsmopp Wed 04-Dec-19 23:57:32

Thanks for advice. It’s definitely her son on twitter as they have very unusual name and it’s the right area. Have followed your advice re contacting him, just hoping for a reply.
Fingers crossed 🙂