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If you could turn back time

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Rivernana Wed 08-Jan-20 20:27:34

If you could turn back time how far back would you go? This thought has come about because I have just returned from attending the superb Ben Elton show - We Will Rock You. Enjoyment was tinged with sadness because I did not get the opportunity to attend a Queen concert whilst Freddy Mercury was alive. I have watched their performances on to and he was such a fabulous performer.

NotAGran55 Wed 08-Jan-20 20:47:46

I would go back to the day I was born so that I could live my life again with my beloved parents.

Charleygirl5 Wed 08-Jan-20 21:38:29

I saw I will Rock You many years ago and loved it. I also would have liked to have seen Freddie when he was alive but it was so expensive.

I have seen a couple of tribute acts locally but the best is Adam Lambert, I think that is his name.

If I went back to my childhood I would choose a different home.

vampirequeen Wed 08-Jan-20 21:49:40

I'd like to see the Sensational Alex Harvey Band again but then I wouldn't have met my DH and I don't really want to go back to a time before I felt loved.

M0nica Wed 08-Jan-20 22:22:06

I wouldn't, because it would almost certainly bring disappointment.

Newquay Thu 09-Jan-20 00:18:43

Oh dear where do you start or end? Superficially I would loved to see Topol in Fiddler on the Roof-just couldn’t justify spending that much when our children were little.

Fibrogran59 Thu 09-Jan-20 00:50:35

I would go back to when i was 18. My whole adult life has been sad, lonely and very upsetting. I would still have my children, they were my life savers, and i did the very best i could. I was very young and immature, so i would so like to go back and do a better job with the children. Only this time i would ask for love and happiness for myself, if that was not being greedy.

whywhywhy Thu 09-Jan-20 04:43:55

I agree with NotAGran55. My childhood was fantastic with the best parents ever. Everything after that has been a nightmare. I'd go back to 18 and change the lot!

absent Thu 09-Jan-20 05:17:27

At my age I am at ease in my own skin, so, if I could, I wouldn't turn back time, even though there are moments I would like to revisit and things I would have liked to have done.

M0nica Thu 09-Jan-20 07:40:14

I discovered recently that someone I was once deeply in love with had died. It was clear he remained to the end the person, who had meant so much to me, but he had developed rheumatiod arthritis in his 40s, had to stop work a few years later and was severely disabled for the last 25 years of his life. His career had taken him to a part of the country a long way from my family.

If you love someone you cope, and do not know what an alterantive life would have been like, except, possibly, one without the illness. But I would be less than honest if I did not say that the life I have actually had, despite its various problems and catatstrophes has been more varied and interesting and less onerous than the one I might have had and for some years longed for.

Even if you went back in time, you would still have very little control over the outcomes.

Be careful what you wish for.

Sara65 Thu 09-Jan-20 07:46:36

Exactly M0nica

I didn’t have the happiest of childhoods, but I know it could have been much, much worse. We’ve had problems with our children from time to time, but they are all healthy, and we’re all still quite close. We’ve had our fair share of things going wrong, but we’ve had a lot of things go right.

In other words, don’t dwell on what might have been.

Shelmiss Thu 09-Jan-20 07:50:30

I’ve been thinking about this and I don’t think I would go back. I’ve had some good times and some crushingly bad times, but I think everything has led me to where I am today, which is wonderful, so no I wouldn’t go back.

TwiceAsNice Thu 09-Jan-20 07:53:49

I would go back to the time I met my ex husband and not married him. The only good thing to come out of my marriage was the children . He made my life a nightmare and I’ve only been happy again since I left and he’s not been in it

MawB Thu 09-Jan-20 07:59:00

Be careful what you wish for

So true M0nica - however bad things got and at times, they were dire, ( Paw’s years of illness, his inability to work, the sadness of losing a child and ultimately of losing Paw himself) I came through and it could have been much, much worse.

On a more cheerful, even trivial level, I wish I hadn’t given up the piano at Grade V.

Greyduster Thu 09-Jan-20 08:37:58

I would like to go back and find out what made my mother the person she was, more about her wider family, how she met my father. I was born to her late in her life, our relationship was volatile, and by the time I was old enough to work out the questions, there was no-one to give me the answers.

frue Thu 09-Jan-20 09:42:23

what happened to my mother in the two and a half years after she left my 2 brothers and me and wasn't allowed contact (why?) breakdown, affair, misery, relief???

Bluebird64 Thu 09-Jan-20 09:46:41

I wouldn't turn back time. I lost my precious son seven years ago and now my equally precious daughter has given me a grandson. So I'll stay safely where I am now. Nothing is perfect, but I have everything I need and no wish to change.

Ydoc Thu 09-Jan-20 09:55:29

How wonderful it would be if we could go back in time with the knowledge we have. There's not much I wouldn't change.

Humbertbear Thu 09-Jan-20 09:55:49

On the lighter side I wish I had seen Bob Dylan live back in the 60s . On a more serious note, I’ve been married 52 years but I wish I’d gone to uni at 18 as planned and seen how things played out rather than getting married so young. I did the uni thing after I had my children but I wonder how uni at 18 would have changed me and if we would still have married.

EllieB52 Thu 09-Jan-20 09:59:59

I would love to be younger again but I appreciate the knowledge wisdom and hindsight that comes with advancing years. I made wrong choices in the past but who’s to say I wouldn’t repeat that. I do have regrets though. I let the love of my life go.

Quizzer Thu 09-Jan-20 10:03:51

I have so many regrets. I broke up with a great love because I felt I was too young to settle down and then married someone else very shortly after. The marriage has been OK but is OK enough? Too old now to leave and set up on my own.

Beanie654321 Thu 09-Jan-20 10:13:40

Rivernana I've got to admit I'm happy as I am with all the memories I have. Xx

SillyNanny321 Thu 09-Jan-20 10:32:18

Would have said yes to the love of my life instead of marrying my ex as everyone convinced ( pushed ) me too!
Then I would not have my lovely DS, DiL & my amazing Grandchildren so what would be the point in change?

Chewbacca Thu 09-Jan-20 10:36:05

I'd go back just 1 year and correct the stupid, life changing decision I took then. If only......

Phloembundle Thu 09-Jan-20 10:39:17

I would go back to the start of my teens with all the feelings that surging hormones bring, not to mention the best music there has ever been or will be. Everyone has "their time".