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If you could turn back time

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Rivernana Wed 08-Jan-20 20:27:34

If you could turn back time how far back would you go? This thought has come about because I have just returned from attending the superb Ben Elton show - We Will Rock You. Enjoyment was tinged with sadness because I did not get the opportunity to attend a Queen concert whilst Freddy Mercury was alive. I have watched their performances on to and he was such a fabulous performer.

rowanflower0 Thu 09-Jan-20 15:33:07

I would go back to pre-stroke and (hopefully) live a healthier life, develop my career more and start writing my book before reaching retirement age!

Chestnut Thu 09-Jan-20 15:49:54

Is it to go back and live your life again, and is this with or without the wisdom you have now? If not without wisdom then you would just make the same mistakes.
I would much rather have a time machine and dip in and out for a visit, watching myself, family and friends. Although watching my behaviour might be a shock, what if I wasn't as wonderful as I thought I was? blush

GagaJo Thu 09-Jan-20 16:47:17

A lot of stuff. I wouldn't get married, or get involved with my 2nd disasterous partner.

I'd work HARD at school and go to uni as a teenager, not an adult. I'd start my career a LOT earlier and achieve greater heights and move around the world, for work, a LOT more.

What I've got is ok. I'm grateful. But I wish I'd started a lot younger.

Sara65 Thu 09-Jan-20 16:49:20

I wouldn’t risk it, I’ll settle for things as they are.

Though, it’s always interesting to think about the choices you’ve made, really trivial ones sometimes, but which have altered the course of your life. I can think of quite a few where I almost certainly made a bad choice, but whose to know how it could have turned out.

Caro57 Thu 09-Jan-20 17:15:41

Too complicated to even contemplate- I will accept what I have and make the best of it

gagsy Thu 09-Jan-20 17:52:25

I should love to have had more time with my beloved parents and grandparents. I shouldn’t have married my ex, but then wouldn’t have had my wonderful children and grandchildren, so count myself very blessed. There’s no such thing a perfect life!

Jennyluck Thu 09-Jan-20 20:28:33

I’d go back 4 years, with the knowledge I have, I would do my best to stay friends with my oldest son. I wouldn’t tell him how hurt I was by his actions.

gmarie Thu 09-Jan-20 20:39:01

If I could go back in time keeping current knowledge and understanding intact, I'd relive my teen years with more confidence, enjoy my children without old worries and spend a lot of time talking to my mom, dad and grandparents about their lives and experiences while I still had them in my life to ask. And hugs for all. Lots of hugs!!!

Harris27 Thu 09-Jan-20 20:45:04

I married young and wish I’d taken time to work a while befor e having my children who I love dearly.i waited years to go into the work place and have worked for the past thirty years and bringing a wage in have contributed but feel I depended on my husband too much. I now have independence in my own right paying my way but wish I’d worked sooner.

GreenGran78 Fri 10-Jan-20 05:14:16

I wish that I could go back to being 16, and have a go at being more assertive. I meekly accepted my parents decision that I couldn’t stay on at school, and the path my working life would take. I wanted to join the WAAF (womens’ air Force) but was over-ruled. If I had joined I am sure that it would have toughened me up and made me much better at dealing with life.
On a lighter note, I wish that I had seen The Beatles perform live in the Cavern Club. I met my husband in there when it was a jazz club, and have always regretted missing out on the subsequent ‘pop’ era.

absent Fri 10-Jan-20 05:57:30

I wouldn't.

kittylester Fri 10-Jan-20 08:10:23

Nor would I, absent.

My life has got me to where I am today. There are things I could do better and other things I wish hadn't happened but my life (and that of my children) is good and I wouldn't change that.

Katyj Fri 10-Jan-20 08:25:59

I'd go back tomorrow, be 15 again and choose a different career, not the one my mother wanted for me, I spent five years doing something I hated, and dare not say it wasn't for me until I was 21 and qualified as a nurse. Had my first child at 21 and only ever had dead end jobs since.hmm

Anniebach Fri 10-Jan-20 08:58:15

Yes / No.

If I hadn’t married 52 years ago this month I may not have been widowed 8 years later, with our daughters only 5 and 7.

Gone through the torture of the past 11 years with my beloved elder daughter battling Bi polar, her suicide two years ago and the grief and isolation her death has left me.

But I wouldn’t have had the love of my husband, the love from and for my darling elder daughter

So no I wouldn’t go back.

Sawsage2 Fri 10-Jan-20 14:05:39

Life is hard but we have to smile and pretend to our children/grandchildren that life is great. Unfortunately they themselves will have to do the same with their families. Evolution and survival of the fittest I'm afraid.

sharon103 Sun 12-Jan-20 02:43:52

If only I could go back and relive the 1970's. The best years of my life. smile

Knittynatter Sun 12-Jan-20 12:03:10

Has anyone seen the film ‘About Time’ with Bill Nighy? Have your tissues handy if you watch it.

Evie64 Sun 12-Jan-20 18:33:39

I'd go back to when my mum and dad were alive and ask them all those questions that I wish I had. "What was it like in London during the war" for instance. "What did your parents do for a living" etc. Been doing my family tree and there is so much I don't know.

HettyMaud Sun 12-Jan-20 18:44:37

I had two sets of wonderful grandparents. I wish I had asked them more questions instead of always talking about myself. That's why I'm writing things down for others to read when I'm gone. (Not all of it of course!).