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Mickyboy67 Thu 09-Jan-20 10:53:15

3 years now after losing my love of my life, did everything together never apart, except for occasional hospital stays, most friends passed or to I’ll in homes the rest disappeared even grandchildren forget me, what a life, trying to join clubs but they only meet once a month, plus starting to get up later make day shorter, only real time see another person is when go shopping, is this it from now on.

rosecarmel Thu 09-Jan-20 11:09:44

Come here and chat- Topics are widely varied-

Visit friends in homes, go for a walk, join a book group- What do you like to do? Life is not the same after they are gone but one still has to carry on and appreciate sunsets and skies, seasons and people and creatures .. I see you like cats .. smile

Mommawolf Thu 09-Jan-20 11:17:30

This may seem a strange suggestion but are you fit and well if so consider bringing a dog into your life before long you will be meeting people and exchanging good mornings. Someone to cuddle and talk to, dogs are great listeners. Do your research find a low energy breed, many rescue centres have healthy senior dogs who are longing for a quiet home

Urmstongran Thu 09-Jan-20 11:21:55

Find some more clubs in tandem with your monthly one? Then you might have one a week to go to. It’s a start.

If you don’t see your grandchildren do you ring their parents just for a chat?

Good luck going forward this year. x

Chestnut Thu 09-Jan-20 11:32:56

You don't mention your age but if you can use a computer and you are looking to fill those empty hours at home then why not try doing your family history. It can be totally addictive. There is a lot to learn but you just need to have an enquiring mind. It will take you to places you could never imagine and you will make contact with other researchers. Start with an Ancestry subscription and also join your local Family History Society (find online or at the library).

Mapleleaf Thu 09-Jan-20 11:57:24

I think there are some good suggestions offered already, and with regard to monthly meets, perhaps you could look for some more that run on a different week as Urmstongran suggests then you might end up with one a week or so to go to? Also, if you google futurelearn, there are lots of free short courses to suit all interests that you can do at your own pace. Are you interested in bird watching? The RSPB have a lot of sights to visit, and if you become a member then entry becomes free and you can visit as often as you wish - there should also be an RSPB group you could join local to you, if you are interested. There's also English Heritage and the National Trust to consider?
Is there a local coffee group/natter group you could pop along to - these are welcoming places and often organise trips out, too. Perhaps there's a local book club you could join if you enjoy reading? Your local library should have information.
A search online might also show you if there are any nearby yoga/Pilates/exercise/swimming classes that you could join if something like that interests you.
Also, I agree with the poster who suggests you visit those friends who are in homes - I'm sure they will love your company.
Good luck and I hope something comes along soon for you.

chelseababy Thu 09-Jan-20 16:54:40

Have you tried U3A? Or maybe a men's group - aren't there some "shed" clubs for men? It could be the time of year is making it worse. Do you think you could be depressed?

lucywinter Thu 09-Jan-20 17:01:57

Mickyboy67 sad


You don't fly model aeroplanes do you? I know of a good group going strong.

grannymy Thu 09-Jan-20 17:02:24

Are you fit enough to go longer walks? If so I would highly recommend joining a local Ramblers group. They were a godsend to me when I felt alone and at a low ebb. We had such laughs and saw some beautiful places and a pint at the nearest pub at the end was very welcome and very sociable. I sincerely hope that 2020 is a good year for you.

BlueBelle Thu 09-Jan-20 17:03:14

I m not sure if you are a male i m going by your name Mickyboy but if you are is there a mans shed in your area I know a lot of older guys really enjoy their days in the ‘shed’ making things for the community, chatting, drinking tea or whatever they drink, playing cards and generally supporting each other and the community
If not can you volunteer in some other way it gives me a reason to get up in the morning and to feel I am still of use to society in general
Take care and don’t give up