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Daughter’s first home

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Pennylucky007 Mon 20-Jan-20 08:24:13

My daughter and her boyfriend have just bought their first home - as it is a special time I would like to give a meaningful gift. Any ideas?

Eglantine21 Mon 20-Jan-20 08:33:14

Personally I would always ask what they would like.

Tastes differ so. Especially if you’re thinking of something that will be on display, like a picture. You can’t ever really furnish someone else’s house.

I’ve always gone for the practical. A fridge, a wardrobe, a table. I know they are not for keeps but they were what was needed so they were very meaningful at that point in time.😀

Hetty58 Mon 20-Jan-20 08:38:19

There are so many things that you suddenly seem to need when you move. I'd give them money so they can get what they really want.

I have 'meaningful' gifts here - in the garage for an appropriate time (whatever that is) before they go to the charity shop!

kittylester Mon 20-Jan-20 08:40:53

Champagne and special flutes.

Auntieflo Mon 20-Jan-20 08:46:49

Pennylucky, as they have only just moved in, they probably still not quite sure of what they really need,
Why not give them some cash, as has been suggested, then im their own time they can decide.

Missfoodlove Mon 20-Jan-20 09:22:42

Why not buy a practical gift or give a Waitrose/John Lewis voucher and also something luxury like beautiful towels.

Dee1012 Mon 20-Jan-20 10:11:28

When I moved into my first home, my Nan bought me a beautiful clock....which I still have.

inishowen Mon 20-Jan-20 10:15:34

If they have a garden as rose Bush would be special

TrendyNannie6 Mon 20-Jan-20 10:15:52

The only way to find out what they would like is to ask them

Scottiebear Mon 20-Jan-20 10:23:13

How about something like a nice bench for the garden. It's a bit more luxury and a little less practical.

Madwoman11 Mon 20-Jan-20 10:29:08

Something special they will have as a good memory...not money.

Phloembundle Mon 20-Jan-20 10:40:25

If they are not well off, I would ask them what they need. If you want it to be a special memento, then, as others have said, a rose if they have a garden, or crystal glasses or vase to keep. Or maybe a photo of all of you in a nice frame.

Eglantine21 Mon 20-Jan-20 10:40:39

Don’t buy anything with consulting them first. Just don’t.

Please don’t.

JuliaM Mon 20-Jan-20 10:45:13

Maybe if tgey have just moved in then something of a more practical nature would be welcome? A new fridge freezer, microwave, or a sofa of their choosing, or a smaller item such as a kettle, toaster, new duvet, bedding or even an iron and ironing board maybe? I would also suggest asking them what they would like, or maybe even buying them an Argos store voucher where they could use it to shop on line or add the value towards buying a larger item that they otherwise could not afford.
Young people often have set ideas in what they want for their first home, including colour schemes and styles, and may quickly dispose of or sell on any gifts that dont fit into their plan, hence l find it always better to ask first.

Bijou Mon 20-Jan-20 10:45:35

When I was first married my mother gave me a can opener and corkscrew. I still use them.

Noname Mon 20-Jan-20 10:45:50

A table or floor lamp? Next have some lovely ones and nice lighting can change the ambiance of a room. Perhaps look on line with your DD so she could say what she likes?

Humbertbear Mon 20-Jan-20 10:47:31

When my son and DiL moved Into their first flat a friend arrived with a hamper containing an assortment of cleaning liquids they might need for bath, floor and windows etc. Along with brushes and cloths. Sad to say this was more useful and more appreciated than champagne. The most appreciated present I have ever given them was a wooden reversible sign that says they dishwasher needs emptying’ on one side and then dishwasher can be filled’ on the other!
If you want something that will last, and you know their taste, why not look for something personalised on Not on the High Street?

Teddy123 Mon 20-Jan-20 10:53:19

When my son & wife bought their first home (together) I suggested a shopping trip (3 of us together) to choose a gift and they chose a gorgeous mirror. Easy peasy x

Hetty58 Mon 20-Jan-20 10:53:56

Not a family photo in a frame - please! They'll feel obliged to display it - but only when you're going to visit!

Jeanlizzie Mon 20-Jan-20 11:05:29

Oh goodness please ask many many moons ago when we moved into our first house money was very tight we had absolutely nothing, and my wonderful mother decided to buy us a three piece suite with out any consultation, i was so excited when it was eventually delivered after sitting on the floor, when it arrived i was in tears for days it wasn't horrible but just completely impractical, it was a really light colour and didn't fit the room, we had to live with it for a long time as we couldn't replace it, with a large dog at the time it never looked clean and to be honest it made me hate the house
If only she had asked

PernillaVanilla Mon 20-Jan-20 11:13:18

My parents bought me a washing machine when I moved in to my first house, far more appreciated than any "gifty" type offering.
Please don't buy anything at all that has not been specifically asked for. If you get a vase or lamp or rug - anything of that ilk- you are 99% certain to buy something she does not want or like.

jaylucy Mon 20-Jan-20 11:19:35

Either ask what they would like or give them a gift voucher along with a rose or bush in a pot that can be taken with them when they move as most people seem to move after a couple of years!

Bbbface Mon 20-Jan-20 11:33:57

You want to get something meaningful

However they might not want anything meaningful and it will just represent clutter

I’d buy something very small and “meangingful” that I thought was lovely and hoped they would too.

And then I’d give them a £500 John Lewis voucher! Depending on your circumstances of course!

Craicon Mon 20-Jan-20 11:49:14

My mum bought me my first bed from John Lewis many years ago. It had a wooden slatted base and a beautiful shaped wooden headboard. I still have the base and headboard more than 30 years later. It’s currently in the garage but my DH is planning to cut it and make it into a bench seat for the garden.
Mum died 20 years ago but I’ll be thinking of her fondly whenever we sit on the bench. smile

Pennylucky007 Mon 20-Jan-20 12:22:00

Thank you all for your posts and ideas - and I will heed the warnings as well! smile