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prburgess Sun 26-Jan-20 18:47:23

Hi,, I'm new here,
I got married 10 years ago and have two step sons now aged around 30, one of these has now just had a daughter, from the moment I entered their lives they have been brilliant with me and I'm now officially "grumps" to their daughter. Trying to find a card or something to do without being over the top to thank them for letting me in to their lives and to be a step grumps,, any ideas great fully received

janeainsworth Sun 26-Jan-20 18:56:33

Congratulations on your little granddaughter pr.
I’m sure they will appreciate anything you do for them or give them. If you live locally offer to help in practical ways like babysitting when the baby is older.
You could send flowers to the baby’s parents, or a gift for the baby herself, perhaps ask the parents if there’s anything they particularly need.
If they’ve been given lots of baby things already, perhaps a piece of jewellery for little one to wear when she’s older?

MissAdventure Sun 26-Jan-20 18:57:47


How lovely. I haven't got any suggestions, but I think what you've just written would do fine.
Congratulations on the new baby, grumps.

prburgess Sun 26-Jan-20 19:02:23

Thank you for the reply,, a piece of jewellery for when she's older is a really good idea, the other boxes all ticked lol, just thinking of something for stepson, none of us are to mushy,, but a way of thanking him and his wife for letting me be a grandparent?

Sara65 Sun 26-Jan-20 19:24:21

That’s a heartwarming story prburgess, we hear so many sad tales, it’s good to hear something positive.

No ideas I’m afraid, just wanted to say, good for you, you must be doing something right.

janeainsworth Sun 26-Jan-20 19:32:43

Pr send them some flowers, or maybe a gift voucher for a meal at a nice restaurant, with a card saying
‘Congratulations and lots of love to you all from PR. Thankyou for letting me be Grumps to ***.’

Or something

I think they are lucky to have you 🙂

prburgess Sun 26-Jan-20 19:39:10

Thankyou for your reply,, a restaurant voucher is a great idea, and we get granddaughter for night,, win win lol, appreciate advice, thanks

NanKate Sun 26-Jan-20 21:37:50

Did you know if you go onto the Moonpig website they do personalised cards of all sorts. I had a couple done for my grandsons, as you can have their names or photos included. Worth a look.

prburgess Sun 26-Jan-20 22:23:13

Thankyou,, I'll have a look smile

Dottynan Sun 26-Jan-20 22:34:06

Maybe start a small savings account for baby. I am sure that will be appreciated

V3ra Mon 27-Jan-20 00:00:44

My granddaughter has a savings account which I contribute to every month. I was careful to set my standing order up for less than her parents put in though, I didn't want it to look like I was trying to upstage them.

sodapop Mon 27-Jan-20 08:42:09

It's nice to read about such a lovely relationship within an extended family,so often its problematic.
The savings account and voucher are both good ideas, sounds like you are a lovely family and they will appreciate any token from you.

prburgess Mon 27-Jan-20 10:44:42

Thanks for that, the savings account is a brilliant idea, shall be doing that 😊

Pepine Mon 27-Jan-20 10:52:18

Another idea is to buy a charm bracelet - you can then add charms for special occasions and outings that you share in the future so it becomes a bracelet of ‘Grumps’ memories for her

Applegran Mon 27-Jan-20 10:58:15

When I had my first grandchild I - naturally - took photographs. But I also thought we would forget so much about the early weeks of her life, and she would of course not remember, so I wrote her a letter - telling her things like that her father had left for work and came back to give her an extra kiss, and later that when I took her to the park in a pram she waved to the trees, because they waved to her in the wind. It came to be a habit - whenever I spend time with grandhildren I write to them, including photos - and I tell them what happened, what they said, or news from their lives. My grandhcildren call these the "What we Did' letters and they LOVE them! After 10 years I had a book made of the letters and gave one to each family member - there was silence while they read them, and then a loud cry from the youngest "At last! I've been born!" These letters are so valued by all the family - a unique gift. You might want to consider writing "What we Did' letters from time to time, including picures of the child and the whole family - I think they will love these while they are children and later as adults with their own families.

ReadyMeals Mon 27-Jan-20 11:09:55

I think I might look for an opportunity during normal conversation - your main point is how accepting they were to you when you were new in their lives. If the topic of conversation touches on that time in your lives that would be a good time to say "I have always appreciated how welcome you made me feel right from the beginning" and don't dwell on the point too long in order to avoid any embarrassment.

jaylucy Mon 27-Jan-20 11:10:24

I think that arranging for an evening out for the new parents, along with informing them that you will babysit would be great. Love the idea of a little gift for their daughter and perhaps a similar gift for her mum?
Why not also give them a thank you card with a note in it just saying thankyou for making me part of the family?

Kalu Mon 27-Jan-20 11:15:08

Congratulations Grumps

What a lovely story and a lucky little granddaughter to have you in her life.

I have two granddaughters. When they were born we did a couple of the above ideas but also bought them a Jellycat bunny which they both loved and still in both their bedrooms now at ages 10 and 14.

The one precious gift for you granddaughter as she grows is, your time, priceless and so much appreciated

I wish a happy future and lots of fun times with your granddaughter 🧸🎈

rowanflower0 Mon 27-Jan-20 11:27:00

Have been there and understand your need,

How about a voucher for an afternoon tea, along with the offer of babysitting while they go?

Madmaggie Mon 27-Jan-20 12:12:41

There's a lady online who does lovely very cute hand drawn cards, mugs, little hangings. I've had items off her and can recommend. Its called Blackshoe.

moggie57 Mon 27-Jan-20 12:27:21

have a look online .theres some really nice thankyou ones.the ones in the shops are really bland .or you could make one..if you a crafty person.treat them to afternoon tea at a local hotel ..etc..

TrazzerMc Mon 27-Jan-20 12:41:18

Apple gran,
What a fabulous idea I think I’m going to steal it !

vintageclassics Mon 27-Jan-20 13:14:52

How about a meal out for Stepson & Wife which you pay for and you babysit whilst they have a couple of hours to themselves?

NotSpaghetti Mon 27-Jan-20 13:20:05

I don’t know how this family operate but I would not have felt at all positive towards anyone who thought that this was a good idea:
arranging for an evening out for the new parents, along with informing them that you will babysit.

Not all parents want this. Be careful! And certainly don’t inform them...

NotSpaghetti Mon 27-Jan-20 13:31:38

Personally, if you want to celebrate your pleasure at being fully accepted into their lives, I would just tell them so.

I know it is different but I have thanked my sons/daughters in law for being generous and kind with me and my husband, for making time for us, for supporting my adult children (their wives/husband, partners) and simply for loving them. I have told them all how lovely it is to be part of their families too. It is from the heart (as is yours) and it’s good to say it in real life.

Those of us with good relationships (and one did set off on the wrong foot initially) are truly privileged. Many on Gransnet struggle and I’m acutely aware of my good fortune - you are aware of yours. Tell them so. Gifts/extras/ offers of help can come after. They will undoubtedly be pleased to hear it.

Thinking of you and others who are lucky. And sending good wishes to others less fortunate. 💐