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completing a capsule wardrobe

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travelsafar Sun 01-Mar-20 13:54:35

I feel like i have far too many clohtes. They are all in different styles and colours. I find myself sticking to the same things more or less all the time. Want to get rid of things i dont wear frequently and restart my wardrobe. Am thinking of navy, red, black and white as the main colours. Any tips for the basics to get started. I dont do tight trousers, jeans, skirts or dresses.

Oopsadaisy3 Sun 01-Mar-20 14:00:31

There is a website called ‘Susan over 60’ , she wears very nice clothes and has loads of ideas for a capsule wardrobe, I used a lot of her ideas a couple of years ago, like you I had loads of clothes but nothing matched.
Have a look there are some very good ideas on there , albeit American clothes, but similar are easily obtainable over here.

Marydoll Sun 01-Mar-20 14:48:57

Try this, Travelsafar

Susan after sixty, is this the one you mean, Oopsadaisy?

MacCavity2 Sun 01-Mar-20 15:57:25

Is there not a British equivalent to Susanafter60, not keen on Pinterest.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Sun 01-Mar-20 16:01:06

I would suggest choosing your favourite colours and also discard those which don't suit the 'image' you wish to convey. Only buy new things which co-ordinate with your chosen items and best to avoid small details as they tend to date.

HettyMaud Sun 01-Mar-20 16:03:24

If you don't do jeans, trousers, skirts or dresses what do you wear?

Marydoll Sun 01-Mar-20 16:09:30

rafichagran Sun 01-Mar-20 16:23:54

I thought that Hetty but I guess she just wears trousers, and maybe leggings or track suit bottoms with tunics, jumpers or tops.

Oopsadaisy3 Sun 01-Mar-20 16:40:34

Marydoll yes that’s the one, some of her older blogs are interesting, well I found them useful.

Oopsadaisy3 Sun 01-Mar-20 16:42:30

OP says she doesnt do tight trousers, not all trousers

Marydoll Sun 01-Mar-20 16:54:49

Oopsadaisy3, I have been having a look around, when I should be preparing dinner! grin

Oopsadaisy3 Sun 01-Mar-20 17:01:23

Dinner can wait, this is serious!

MerylStreep Sun 01-Mar-20 20:45:21

I don't know what your style is to advise but I have all the items that this lady is wearing ( including the shoes) my favourites. I could not be without my camel coat or my blazer
( cashmere) bought second hand.

MerylStreep Sun 01-Mar-20 20:45:55

Why didn't my link work?

Hetty58 Sun 01-Mar-20 20:51:15

I've got rid of all dark navy, black and red tops recently. I don't think those colours are at all flattering near my poor old face. I need softer colours/shades now.

Hetty58 Sun 01-Mar-20 20:53:02

And white is out of the question too - it just makes my teeth (and whites of eyes) look a little yellow!

Marydoll Sun 01-Mar-20 21:12:07

Sorted MerylStreep

Marydoll Sun 01-Mar-20 21:13:08

The shoes are fabulous! smile

kittylester Sun 01-Mar-20 21:46:56

Could some knew explain just what a capsule wardrobe us, please.

Marydoll Sun 01-Mar-20 21:54:25

Kitty, a capsule wardrobe is a collection of a few essential items of clothing that do not go out of fashion, such as skirts, trousers, and coats, which can then be augmented with seasonal pieces.

Well, that's what the dictionary says!😁

kittylester Mon 02-Mar-20 07:22:02

Thank you, marydoll!

M0nica Mon 02-Mar-20 07:33:00

The trouble with clothes that never go out of fashion is that it is usually because they were never in fashion in the first place.

SparklyGrandma Mon 02-Mar-20 07:38:22

I choose a couple of colours each season to try and match what I already have to, this autumn and winter I chose grey and green.

It helps not to get distracted and buy stuff that doesn’t go with anything, as that would be a waste of money.

travelsafar Mon 02-Mar-20 08:04:49

thanks for the link Marydoll will take a look later when i have time to digest.
Hettymaud when i said about the clothes i don't wear i should have said i don't do leggings or slim fit trousers. I prefer the classic type and loose fitting linen ones in the summer. smile

Marydoll Mon 02-Mar-20 08:08:35

travelsafar, if you like linen and loose clothing, try