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Footballers to ask the taxpayer to pay 80% of their wages

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Dottynan Thu 02-Apr-20 07:38:16

Opinions please

Hetty58 Thu 02-Apr-20 07:39:38

They can ---- right off!

Maybelater2020 Thu 02-Apr-20 07:41:55


kittylester Thu 02-Apr-20 07:42:43

What Hetty said!!

Additionally, take their cars off them.

Sparkling Thu 02-Apr-20 07:42:52

The limit per month is £2500. I wouldn't mind that.

cornergran Thu 02-Apr-20 07:45:11

Surely not? Speechless!

Newquay Thu 02-Apr-20 07:45:38

I do hope-probably in vain-that this will make us reassess priorities and pay accordingly! So carers, all medics, pharmacists, police, teachers, prison officials etc get the lions share and, I’m afraid, folk who kick balls about for a living back to minimum wage-as gifted players like Stanley Matthews were not far off!

NannyJan53 Thu 02-Apr-20 07:47:57

If they had a 50% pay cut, they would hardly be living in poverty!

Whitewavemark2 Thu 02-Apr-20 07:51:16


Daisymae Thu 02-Apr-20 07:52:19

No, that's not the story. Clubs are asking the taxpayer to pay 80 percent of the other employees salary under the government scheme while the clubs continue to pay the footballers salary.

gillybob Thu 02-Apr-20 08:01:31

That was how I understood it too Daisymae . The clubs (Newcastle is one of them and I believe Tottenham) are going to “furlough” their back room staff, grounds people, admin , training etc. In order to continue to pay their players in full. A few of the highest paid players have offered to take a slight pay cut...bless their hearts.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 02-Apr-20 08:01:36

This is for employees of the clubs, admin staff, cleaners, caterers etc.

Many of the high profile players have already said they will not take salaries whilst they are not playing and have donated to local food banks and charities.

PamelaJ1 Thu 02-Apr-20 08:05:22

There will always be some who behave as they should thank goodness.
Unfortunately the business of football is a million miles away from sportsmanlike behaviour. I hope this attitude comes back to bite them on the bottom.

eazybee Thu 02-Apr-20 08:22:43

Have I got this right: the taxpayer supports the backroom boys so the footballers can keep their salaries? Rather like Virgin airlines from where I am standing.

gillybob Thu 02-Apr-20 08:23:54

I’m sure it will PamelaJ1 as so many are refusing to renew their season tickets and many more are not able to pay for them. My dad has held a season ticket for his club for almost 50 years and he said he would not renew as he was disgusted at how those who have asked for a payment holiday (many fans pay over the year by direct debit) have been treat .

gillybob Thu 02-Apr-20 08:24:41

Yeah just about spot on eazybee shameless.

SirChenjin Thu 02-Apr-20 08:25:47

So there’s money in the club’s coffers to pay the humongous salaries of the players but not the other employees?

I can think of one way they could avoid furloughing those staff...

TwiceAsNice Thu 02-Apr-20 08:26:32

How about the vastly overpaid, very entitled footballers paying for the other staff out of their salaries. They can well afford it, struggling tax payers cannot.

gillybob Thu 02-Apr-20 08:28:06

Most of the money coming into the big clubs is via advertising and sponsorships . Many of them don’t even need the gate money . I do have a little bit of sympathy for the smaller clubs though who do rely on money taken at the gate /season tickets.

CherryCezzy Thu 02-Apr-20 08:35:01

I was thinking exactly the same thing TwiceAsNice. Most of the highest profile players are on £100,000 s a week, how much are the cleaners earning a year?! It's an absolute disgrace to put it mildly and I'm a football fan!

MawB Thu 02-Apr-20 08:50:57

It is iniquitous that ground staff, and other”back room” employees should suffer in order to “save the clubs” if players are to continue on their obscene salaries. They should go on UC like others. With their earnings they must have a more than adequate “cushion” of savings and investments 😡😡😡

gillybob Thu 02-Apr-20 08:54:38

This table speaks for itself really . And don’t forget the figures quoted are per player not the entire team ! Shocking . This is no longer sport it’s a case of the richest teams win.

sodapop Thu 02-Apr-20 08:59:52

I think there are a limited number of footballers who earn the big bucks. Hopefully they will give some of this to support ancillary staff etc. Seems like a bit of a headline grabber.

3nanny6 Thu 02-Apr-20 09:04:40

Let the footballers pay the other employees wage however much it may be. I am talking about the big clubs not smaller ones. They all have big cars and big flash houses none of them are short of money. Anyone remember the massive birthday bash that David Beckham gave for his son a little while ago, I could never have afforded something like that in a million years. I used to take my son to some of the big games helped with costs by my mum and dad.

gillybob Thu 02-Apr-20 09:04:55

One or two have volunteered a slight wage cut but they are being strongly advised against . Of course they are.

I hope when all this is over the fans of these hugely rich clubs see them all for what they are and they go back to supporting small local teams where you see real football .