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j00ls312 Mon 11-May-20 17:50:47

Hi do any gransnetters out there live on a residential park home site? We are looking to downsize and free up some cash. It seems as though there are quite a few restrictions on some parks. We thought we’d found our ideal place but it turned out that commercial vans aren’t allowed to be parked onsite!! My DH still works and drives a van. And strictly over 55s so adult son (learning disability) not allowed to live with us. Anyone have any advice please?

Davidhs Mon 11-May-20 19:33:54

Park home sites can make whatever rules they want and don’t suit everyone, other types of properties also have rules about commercial vans, caravans and who can and can’t live there.

The property market is dormant at the moment so sit tight, maybe this time next year it will have returned to normal

j00ls312 Wed 13-May-20 08:18:54

Thanks for the replies - there’s not many positives!! The park I found was fully residential, pets allowed, beautiful location, but the Ts & Cs quite stringent.......I’m really disappointed. Never mind!

midgey Wed 13-May-20 09:53:16

A friend moved into such a home, although they are happy there the heating bills were massive until they spent money on insulation. Their home is beautiful but I don’t think it was the great money saving move that they had hoped.

silverlining48 Wed 13-May-20 10:04:46

I have been in one and was surprised how nice it was, but the extra costs mount up fast, many other random rules.
My friend and dh sold up after a few years and bought a very small one bed flat. They have less room but think they find it cheaper overall.

CassieJ Wed 13-May-20 10:22:13

My parents have lived in a park home for about 20 years. It is lovely. They are very happy there. They have no problem with heating it and their bills are fairly low

Park home sites do have lots of different rules so it is worth finding all them out before committing to anything. The park my parents are on also state over 55's only, but there are some homes that have adult children live with them with no issue.
Often if you want to sell up you have to give first refusal to the site themselves, and these offers are usually very low.

boodymum67 Sun 12-Jul-20 15:36:30

Some years ago, I thought living in a park home would save us money and we would feel safer. A lot of the parks do have great security.

We travelled up and down the country looking for the best parks.

If our house sale hadn't fallen through, we would be park home residents.

Everything looks and sounds ideal, but there can be pitfalls.

If the park owner changes, a new one can bring in rules which could bother some residents.

Gardens can be reduced if the manager wishes to do so, owners can stop a sale if they don't like the incoming person, a yappy dog like mine could make me face eviction.

Please ensure you check out all the rules and regulations before making the move. Otherwise you may be sorry.

Apart from that do enjoy your new home!

welbeck Sun 12-Jul-20 18:11:45

all i know is the y frequently feature on You & Yours, as causing their residents great problems, even facing violence from some site owners.
there may be some archive available to read/listen.