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Moving advice please

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lincolnimp Fri 29-May-20 09:58:44

Hi all you experienced people.
Once everything is in place we will be moving house.
Some of you may have read my posts about my OCD husband and his difficulty in sorting his 'stuff'.
I am more at ease with this He does manage a couple of hours, in total, each day, so he is trying.
But, and here's the real problem now it's 34 years since we last moved house and this time in reverse---from a 5 bedtoom to a three bedroom, with so many patio planters to be transported, contents of a shed and a potting shed as well as household contents---all to go.
Furniture doesn't worry me, its just the whole idea of the practicalities.
Any good tips please
We are having a full packing service from a reputable company but the whole idea troubles me grestly

Teetime Fri 29-May-20 10:05:08

Hello lincolnimp I am moving too hopefully in the next few months and having a packing service. We have had a massive tidy and organise during lockdown and have identified a number of objects that we do not need but are perfectly serviceable so tomorrow we are putting a Freecycle table on our front lawn (completion with sanitiser and paper towels) encouraging anyone to take what they need. I guess its easier for us as we are both neat freaks and tend not to keep things that aren't in immediate use. We are not interested in selling things so happy if someone else can make use of them. Would you DH go for that?

Oopsadaisy3 Fri 29-May-20 10:13:01

Hi Lincolnimp how exciting! And a bit scary, my neighbours moved recently from an enormous farm house to a small bungalow, her DH has Vascular Dementia and one of the symptoms he has is that he won’t throw anything away , as he ran his own business from home for 30 years you can imagine the ‘stuff ‘ he had collected in his study, sheds and garages.
In the end the whole lot was boxed up by the children and labelled and is now totally filling the garage at the new house, strangely now he knows it’s safe he isn’t bothered about it.p, the garage also contains masses of furniture etc. that he also refused to get rid of. His wife decided it wasn’t worth the trauma of forcing the issue.
What he doesn’t know is that after he was safely at the bungalow a skip was hired and loads of paperwork was skipped. He can’t drive either so he had no way of returning.
Practically to move, if you can take all valuable and fragile stuff In your car on the day, leave the rest of the packing to the removers.
Will your removal company take garden items and shed stuff? Often they wont so you might have to get a man with a van for all of that.
Lots of info on the Moving House thread on GN, they are lovely ladies and will help with any problems you have.