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Hair disaster!

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mrsmopp Fri 12-Jun-20 23:48:58

Not seen my hairdresser since lockdown and it looked a mess with with wild grey hair all over the place. I bought a mid blonde hair color from Boots. Thought it would give me a lift.
To my horror it came out dark brown and looks awful. How can I rescue this disaster? It won’t wash out. Hope it fades before lockdown ends! At least the weather has changed so I can pull my hat on! Any tips?

blondenana Fri 12-Jun-20 23:58:43

Oh dear,i know the feeling and horror, a long time agoYou can get some hair dye reducer from .boots ,or wilkinsons sell it,it's on the hair colour section,
It does work, and i found it o, doesn't damage your hair
I have found medium blonde always comes out too dark,maybe try an ash blonde?
Hope it works for you ,good luck

Katyj Sat 13-Jun-20 07:26:33

This happened to me a few month back I lived with it, just kept washing with vosene or head and shoulders and sat in the sun two weeks later it was a lot lighter.
If you don’t want to wait you can buy a colour stripper from boots. I’m now using nice and easy medium ash blonde i like it so much I’m thinking of colouring it myself instead of having it done at the hairdressers.

mrsmopp Sat 13-Jun-20 07:29:39

Thanks! I didn’t know there was such a product. What a relief.
I will try the ash blond one. I’m going to be busy! I do appreciate your advice, thanks!

PinkCakes Sat 13-Jun-20 09:26:15

Amazon has some stuff called "Colour B4" which will strip the colour. I used it on my dyed (black) hair when I wanted to go lighter.

Luckygirl Sat 13-Jun-20 09:43:16

You can get wigs online. grin

Nannytopsy Sat 13-Jun-20 09:44:53

Antidandruff shampoo works too. Used it when DD decided to go purple ...

V3ra Sat 13-Jun-20 09:50:34

I'd suggest you try a strand test next time before you use it all over, there should be instructions on the box.
Good luck!

I keep looking at my roots and wondering if they're too bad yet... 😕

GagaJo Sat 13-Jun-20 09:51:34

Just beware, the colour strippers can leave you with bright orange hair.

My dye from February was fading to a horrific shade but I stuck with it, used Head and Shoulders every day and gradually over two months it faded. THEN I used 2 colour strippers on it. Ended up with peroxide blonde/yellow. It was light enough to put another colour over.

DanniRae Sat 13-Jun-20 10:00:31

I coloured my hair myself and like katyj I am so pleased with the results that I will probably do it myself in future. The one piece of advise that I got from my hairdresser - who is also a friend - is to only do the roots and not put the dye all over. It makes it so much easier!

mrsmopp Sat 13-Jun-20 10:34:54

The color on the boxes is very deceptive. I had a shock when The mid blonde came out dark brown. I don’t usually color my hair as I wear it quite short, but a big mop of grey hair is not very flattering.

GagaJo Sat 13-Jun-20 11:29:22

I'm with you mrsmopp, my roots were growing in so white in areas, that if they'd been REALLY white, I might have let it grow all the way out. But I had too much of my original 'dead mouse' colour to tolerate.

I really prefer to use a very light brown, because it comes out as more of a mid-brown. But my preferred dye has been discontinued. A bit of experimentation is needed I think. I'm currently auburn-y brown. It isn't my chosen colour but given I've gone back to work and it looks OK, I'm tolerating it.

mrsmopp Mon 15-Jun-20 00:51:58

So pleased with the advice on here. I got the strip thing from super drug and it worked a treat. My hair is now light blonde which suits me fine. No need to put another colour on.Thanks for all helpful comments. Happy now x

Coolgran65 Mon 15-Jun-20 01:50:48

So glad the hair stripper worked I used it years ago.

During lock down I've been using nice n easy mid blonde and it is a nice warm blonde. Depends on the hair colour to start with

Willow500 Mon 15-Jun-20 06:47:26

The colour I used turned out to be a shade or two darker than the one my hairdresser uses. I hadn't realised that the multi tonal blonde on the box actually comes in different shades of blonde (a true blonde moment grin) I've ordered a lighter one and hope that lightens it a bit and covers the white. My hairdresser is unlikely to open after lockdown as her husband is undergoing cancer treatment so I think I'm in this for the long haul hmm

Lucca Mon 15-Jun-20 07:26:38

Gagajo. Have you gone back to school ?

Happygirl79 Mon 15-Jun-20 09:39:01

I asked my hairdresser for advice and she told me which number to buy. Apparently each hair shade has its own number and all hair dye manufacturers show this defining number on the box. Who knew?

CraftyGranny Mon 15-Jun-20 09:51:46

This has happened to me too. My hairdresser told me to wash it in Fairy Liquid and leave it on for 5 mins before rinsing. It definitely lifted the colour by quite a lot.

Cambia Mon 15-Jun-20 10:11:44

Yes cheap shampoo is supposed to fade it a bit! Good luck!
I am in Greece and dared to go to the hairdresser when they re-opened for my roots done. While I was sitting in the chair I looked at all the assistants and thought they are all the same colour........yes, that’s the colour I got too! A bit too dark but a few washes will fade it and I will ask my lovely hairdresser in the UK to lighten it with up with hi lights. When she opens and I eventually get back.

CarlyD7 Mon 15-Jun-20 10:11:59

Sorry, I know this sounds obvious but always a good idea to do a strand test before using a different colour (I know this from bitter experience of not doing one!)

Babs758 Mon 15-Jun-20 10:13:39

Yes fairy liquid works as does sitting in the sun. I dyed mine for the first time in years and it went mid Brown not dark blonde but, two weeks on, the shade is very close to the one my hairdresser does. I have fine thin hair so did the roots for 20 mins and the rest of the hair for 10 mins. Condition is good.

Shandy3 Mon 15-Jun-20 10:18:42

Another thing that works is white vinegar! 50/50 solution with water pour over hair, leave 15-29 mins wash out, it strips colour. If not enough you can repeat it.

polnan Mon 15-Jun-20 10:36:27

Being slightly light hearted about this.. (apologies and a quick hug)

how`s about, with this hairdresser problem we all start wearing turbans or some head gear,,,? well we are told to wear masks
to hide our faces, why not cover our hair to hide our.....

how`s about a burka? or will someone accuse me of being racist.??

Millieangel Mon 15-Jun-20 10:40:28

Colours always turn out darker than shown. Natural blonde always works for me.

SusieFlo Mon 15-Jun-20 11:15:04

I’ve found that washing up liquid helps too!