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Watching a funeral on my laptop

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Nanof3 Sun 27-Sep-20 19:22:25

Has anyone else had to do this, how did it make you feel?
My Dad died 2 weeks ago and his funeral was held last Friday, owing to distance and poor health we were unable to be there and watched it at home. He was almost 95 and had suffered from Dementia for the last 10 years but actually died from sepsis contracted in his care home.
I had already said goodbye to him and was prepared for him to leave us but it was still a shock and I was unprepared for the devastating grief I felt watching the service on the screen. When I saw his coffin it suddenly felt very real and just as though I was there in the chapel.
I am so glad that there was the means to let us take part remotely and another member of the family was able to read out a message all the way from New Zealand on a screen in real time which was a comfort to his mother.

MawB2 Sun 27-Sep-20 19:41:18

I have been “virtually” present at 2 streamed funerals, but of course the close family were present in the crematorium chapel.
Was it too far for you to be there in person?
It is a godsend for those who live too far away or perhaps abroad to attend personally.
I found it was a bit like sitting at the back of a funeral of somebody who was perhaps just a friend.

BlueBelle Sun 27-Sep-20 19:53:54

I haven’t done this online but reading your post brought back my mum and Dads funerals 8 years ago it still brings me to tears now
Sorry Nano it doesn’t matter what age it hurts so much doesn’t it ?

SueDonim Sun 27-Sep-20 20:31:08

We’ve attended one online funeral, that of a friend. It was very touching and we were grateful to have been invited to say farewell to our friend.

We both dressed as we would have done had it been an in-person funeral, and we then had a toast to him and a ‘thanks for the memories‘ with just the two of us.

I think it would have felt very odd to not have had some way of saying goodbye to someone who has been in your life for 60-odd years.

Jane10 Sun 27-Sep-20 22:22:11

That's lovely SueDonim. We've not had to be involved with an online funeral service but if we did I think we'd be do the same.
The last big event we attended before lockdown was a huge funeral. I wonder if we'll ever attend one like that again.

Luckygirl Sun 27-Sep-20 23:25:01

Nanof3 - I am so glad you were able to be there to say your goodbye, even if only online. flowers