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Apps to share activities on video calls

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ComeOnGran Mon 12-Oct-20 08:09:14

Morning all,
Has anyone used any apps to be able to do reading and activities with DGC on video calls? DGS (aged 3) can’t maintain interest for long during calls. I’m being bombarded by adverts for Readeo on FB but I know other apps are available. Thanks

Grannynannywanny Mon 12-Oct-20 09:35:20

I use either WhatsApp video calling or FaceTime. I read bedtime stories to my 2 youngest gc age 5 and 6. My son sets up the iPad for them and I read their favourite story books I’d normally read if they were staying with me for the weekend(back in the days of normality) On the nights we do that they snuggle up together in the same bed.

ComeOnGran Mon 12-Oct-20 13:16:13

Thanks Grannynannywanny. Do you have the books and show them to them on the video?

Grannynannywanny Mon 12-Oct-20 14:07:22

ComeOnGran I do it different ways. They have special favourites they always choose from my babysitting book shelf when they come for a sleepover. A couple of particular favourites I ordered duplicates on Amazon and delivered directly to their house. I read my copy and they enjoy flicking through their’s at the same time.
Sometimes I read mine and show them the pages. And other time’s they’re happy just to snuggle down and listen to me reading. Occasionally one of them will drift off to sleep. Hopefully because they are both snuggled up together and listening to the story and not because they’re bored listening to me!
I’m sure you’ll find a way that suits best. It’s a lovely way to spend the time.