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earnshaw Thu 15-Oct-20 19:03:57

is it just me thats being a little old fashioned but i can remember,, my favourite era , the 60s , and how some of the songs were banned by the BBC for certain lyrics which today would be ludicrous , but now,,,,,, the rappers lyrics, well, what can i say , how on earth do they get away with it, where are the snowflakes when you need them, my grandaughter , 13, was listening to one and then switched off saying , cant listen to that, ,,, wondering what was going on , i listened to cardi b, a rapper, have a listen and see what you think

Kseniya Thu 10-Dec-20 12:40:23

Yes, many now just make music without meaning. an old melody and the availability of money for implementation, unfortunately

Kseniya Thu 10-Dec-20 12:41:04

and some young people simply do not listen to words

Riverwalk Thu 10-Dec-20 13:19:27

is it just me thats being a little old fashioned

No one is forcing you to listen - glad to see you've moved on from footballers taking the knee!

felice Thu 10-Dec-20 15:31:31

My DD works in the local corner shop, Flemish, the radio is on all day and she changed the channel from a sort of Radio 1 type to Nostalgie as she hated the lyrics.
She is the only native English speaker and just 36 but could not stand listening to the rap and bad language all day. She used to be a Goth so anything but staid.

NotTooOld Thu 10-Dec-20 15:54:06

I agree! Some of the lyrics are really beyond the pale and I'm no prude, in case you're wondering.

EllanVannin Thu 10-Dec-20 16:03:33

It's the age we live in I'm afraid with the focus on the younger members of society. Rap music and its words are also aimed at those whose lives have fallen apart through varying degrees of crime, hardship and suffering and is used as a platform to pour out their grievances in " song ".

Eminem's powerful" 8 Mile" film portrays his life. The language used comes as second nature to the ways of life that many grew up with.

A lot of local rappers help kids in their neighbourhoods and are figures that many of them look up to as a leader who'll steer them away from crime and hopefully teach the kids the right way to go in life.

Jaxjacky Thu 10-Dec-20 16:22:34

I agree EV, it’s like modern poetry, or street art. But, I think some, as ever was, has more commercial intent than others.

Cossy Sun 13-Dec-20 09:45:59


paperbackbutterfly Sun 13-Dec-20 09:46:21

I'm still laughing at Snoop Dog, He was a hardened rapper and now he advertises Just Eat. Scruples disappeared when money was involved it seems.

Cossy Sun 13-Dec-20 09:49:01

Sorry I’m agreeing with E.V. And without sounding too rude or harsh, if you don’t like it then don’t listen, plenty of other music around. They are just words, words you can ignore

Roxie62 Sun 13-Dec-20 10:05:00

Just listened to Cardi B. The lyrics are disgusting. Not much shocks me but this has. I would not like my grand daughter or grandson to be listening to this. My little granddaughter has just started school and a little boy already has mentioned the word “fart”. She said to me “thats not very nice is it Nanny?” Bless her.

tictacnana Sun 13-Dec-20 10:10:36

Must admit that I’ve never listened to rap but the bits I have heard , or heard about, do sound angry and bitter and seem to advocate violence particularly against women. I know... change Chanel, and I would but would a child be so selective and are the messages in this ‘poetry’ healthy ? I don’t have sons but if I did , would I want them listening to stuff like this ? It’s only words but words are a powerful tool .

hilz Sun 13-Dec-20 10:18:33

There is lots of casualness about so many things now compared to years ago. Different ways of communicating. We on this forum are sharing thoughts and opinions by writing them for total strangers to read. Is that right? .
So i am sure each generation feels the same about how music language does that too. Small kids singing lyrics that shock your granny! I chat to my grandchildren about how it makes me feel and use it as an opportunity to remind them about the importance of self respect and conducting yourself in a way that makes them feel comfortable and keeps them safe. Sad that some out there dont ever get guidence and stumble through life in a very painful way. I guess its fodder creative arts though..

Moggycuddler Sun 13-Dec-20 10:20:35

No, you aren't being too old fashioned. Or if you are, so am I. I am pretty open minded about sex really, but I hate a lot of these horrible (usually rap) songs with disgusting language and lyrics. It's the vulgarity of them. I assume you're talking about Wet Ass Pussy and such like. I'm actually appalled that apparently a lot of quite young children are listening to stuff like that and singing along.

grannygranby Sun 13-Dec-20 10:27:05

It’s strange isn’t it that sexually explicit lyrics would be banned then and yet the unloving hateful misogyny of so much rap is ignored now. And the latter is so much more dangerous. Makes the boys feel good and the girls used and expendable.

Lucca Sun 13-Dec-20 10:31:26


Just listened to Cardi B. The lyrics are disgusting. Not much shocks me but this has. I would not like my grand daughter or grandson to be listening to this. My little granddaughter has just started school and a little boy already has mentioned the word “fart”. She said to me “thats not very nice is it Nanny?” Bless her.

You are joking? What else could you say other than fart when such a thing occurs ?!

missdeke Sun 13-Dec-20 10:36:56

Personally, I am not generally a fan of rap and live alone so am not subjected to listening to the lyrics. However, according to the advertising agencies it seems to be very much in the forefront these days. It seems that most of the adverts on the tv come with a rap poem attached spoken in a dreadful accent with appalling diction, so I turn them off too so I don't have to listen grin. Incidentally the one that irritates least is the Snoop Dogg one. Hey ho, each to their own I suppose..

Missingmoominmama Sun 13-Dec-20 10:40:24

That’s what parents and grandparents are for- to teach children what is appropriate and what’s not. I’ve worked in a behavioural school, where language was extremely ripe (I’ve been called a c*%#, a paedo, told to suck my dad’s *%}^....

Without exception, those children (they were primary age) spent most of their free time on YouTube.

My kids didn’t swear, even though they were aware of the words, because we didn’t allow access to forums where it was used casually; we did a lot with them, and we simply said, ‘ that’s not what Moomins do’.

grandtanteJE65 Sun 13-Dec-20 10:54:58

Yes, but it isn't only in music, is it?

Language that I had literally never heard (or read) before I was 21 in 1972 is now in daily use.

This applies not only to English, but to most European languages as well. My Danish grandmother who died in 1964 would have a fit, if she came back and heard the expressions being used in daily conversation here today.

In 1970 a young man in Hamburg ( I was young then too) apologised for using a swear word in front of me, nowadays even the Germans who are less likely to use what we learned were rude words in mixed company would use the word without blinking.

I feel it diminishes language when people swear rather than explain what they are annoyed about, but seem to be in a very small minority.

LJP1 Sun 13-Dec-20 10:56:31

Yes, things seem so lax now - vocabulary has shrunk and interests so sex orientated - all very sad.

But, everything seems to go in a spiral. Children rebel against parents but then, when their children rebel against them, they tend to be back to the ideas of the grandparents. Focus seems to jump a generation.

So, live long enough to laugh when your children have problems with your grandchildren reaching teenagehood!

Nanna58 Sun 13-Dec-20 10:57:24

I dislike the violence aspect of a lot of rap . However, as to bad language I remember having to stand by my record player ( look it up kids!!!) to lift the needle before David Bowie sangthe word ‘ wa*#king’ and my Dad heard it _ more innocent times??

Whatdayisit Sun 13-Dec-20 11:02:37

Personally i too find it appalling. I have a 10 year old GD who humps the floor to WAP while making Tik Tok videos and her mother thinks this is perfectly fine.
What the hell are we teaching kids? When i was 10 i was just moving up from Brownies to Guides and we were a single parent family living on a rougher council estate. Parents just can't be bothered they're too busy watching the same shit on their phones. It's not lack of money or opportunities it is lazy parenting.
How can anything be changed with the environment or equality when kids are thinking this utter garbage is normal life. It's just teaching sexual violence is acceptable. Then women get called left wing feminists for trying to ensure they can work safely and equally. I despair i really do.
And we are all told to butt out if we have the audacity to approach GD about it.

Whatdayisit Sun 13-Dec-20 11:11:15

And i love Eminem. It's not the swearing used for effect in an arty way as pps have suggested it's the acceptance of violent sex. One woman making money out of glamourising the constant availability of a female's orifices for any man's wants. Leaves so many others of all ages worldwide open to predatory abuse.

polnan Sun 13-Dec-20 11:11:23

Lucca,! LOL we used to say "pass wind"

I hate "the" f word,,, you know.. fu....

but thinking about it,, it is only a word isn`t it.. human created?

but for me it is when it is inserted so many times into a sentence, or sometimes not even a sentence... if it actually meant something....

aren`t we a funny lot!