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ayse Tue 03-Nov-20 14:26:37

I’ve been using Hermes as it does the job but this morning’s episode got me thinking.

It must have taken me three quarters of an hour to organise to print a label. The app is not the best and looking for the printing facility took me ages. Then it didn’t work (message to say the site was down and they were fixing it) so I signed out, left it and went back when it was working. I finally printed the label and went to the shop. All in all, with the packing must have taken me at least an hour to post the damn thing.

It got me thinking how much easier it used to be when you packed a parcel, addressed it, took it to the post office and off it went.

Technology doesn’t always do what it says on the packet so for some things I’d rather have the old fashioned way. It would save so much time and save me a great deal of annoyance.


tanith Tue 03-Nov-20 14:40:25

I do it the old fashioned way, pack it up, label it, walk to the PO and pay it works for me.

Hetty58 Tue 03-Nov-20 14:46:04

I'm waiting hopefully for the new Royal Mail collection service. If it works well it'll be so useful for me:

B9exchange Tue 03-Nov-20 14:48:26

I received a My Hermes parcel five minutes ago. Quick check, it wasn't what I wanted, printed the label within 30 seconds, and a further 30 seconds to put it back in its packaging with the label on. Will drop off at the local Budgen this afternoon, no queues. If I go to my local post office, I will have to queue for at least 20 minutes in a crowded shop.

kittylester Tue 03-Nov-20 14:58:05

We use Hermes very successfully but have also used the Royal Mail collection service and it has worked well!!

annsixty Tue 03-Nov-20 15:14:56

We use the “pick up from home” from Hermes for returns.
Works well every time.

ayse Tue 03-Nov-20 15:34:24

It’s just the palaver when online doesn’t work. Our local post office is slow and the staff are always very grumpy 😡 so I use it as infrequently as possible.

grandtanteJE65 Wed 04-Nov-20 10:36:43

Don't you have GLS in the UK? They're good.

WOODMOUSE49 Wed 04-Nov-20 12:02:40

I've used Hermes a lot over the years both for sending and accepting parcels. Can't complain.

Post Office is so expensive and don't cover expensive parcels (over £50 in value) unless you pay extortionate price for Parcel Force. If it's 2kg - 5kg £17.70.
I can send insured parcels with Hermes signed for, for less than half the royal mail prices.
Plus Royal Mail are restrictive with measurements, Go 1cm over one of the measurements and you're into the next price bracket.

I've also used Hermes pick up from home (no difference in price). Also once when my printer packed up I used the drop off shop that print the labels. An other option that Hermes have. smile. The drop off shop I use is at a garage. Straight in and out. Brilliant. Can't say that for the post office.

25Avalon Wed 04-Nov-20 12:18:12

Hermes are my bugbear at the moment. The last 3 deliveries I have had have been dumped in a recycling bin outside my gate at the end of the driveway by the road. I have lots of deliveries and no one else does this - they all deliver to my porch. I specify porch to Hermes as my safe place but still the lazy * dumps them in this unsafe place and I have to walk up the drive to get them. I am really annoyed.

It is also impossible to get through to Hermes to get it put right. It’s reached the point where I don’t want to order goods from any one who uses them, not while they are employing the current person in my area.

Auntieflo Wed 04-Nov-20 18:34:41

Just very recently I ordered some paint from WILKO.
1 can each of two different colours. They were delivered by DPD, I think, quickly and efficiently, on Monday.
Then, we decided that one colour was not right.

The returns policy is printed on the back of the delivery note.

"Contact WILKO, and you will be given a Returns Number, and a courier would pick up and take away".

Sounds simple. No.
I hung on the phone for 58+ minutes 😱. Luckily no Muzak, just the continuous phone ringing.
The company representative asked me if I could possibly visit a store to return the item. Erm no. I couldn't. That's why I ordered it on line.

At first she said I would be refunded, but I could keep the paint, as it was very expensive to have a courier pick it up.
Eventually she decided that it could be collected, and it was, today, at 2.25 pm, by the same driver who delivered it yesterday.
Conclusion, good in parts, but not so good in others.
But, Thank You WILKO, for collecting the parcel.

Westcoaster Wed 04-Nov-20 20:43:20

I've used the Parcel2go website recently for sending parcels to Denmark. You just fill in the details, destination, size and weight and it gives any different options to choose from.
Although our local Hermes courier is excellent, I have heard of many problems with them so have avoided them. Usually DPD turn out the cheapest/best option for us, and packages can either be collected from you, or taken to the local drop-off shop.
So far no problems smile

granh2 Thu 31-Dec-20 12:37:17

I have been let down by Hermes this Christmas. I knitted my granddaughter some items, which were 'lost' Another parcel was not collected. Getting any response is difficult - an automated system which doesn't work. an expensive phone line, now a compensation claim which wont open, I will never use Hermes again, I had rather risk the virus and go to the post office!

Witzend Thu 31-Dec-20 12:43:38

Before Christmas I posted around half a dozen parcels using the Royal Mail Click and drop facility - I found it very quick and easy. Most were (purposely) small enough to go in the postbox - I only had to use the special parcel-drop boxes for a couple.
All arrived in plenty of time.

cornishpatsy Thu 31-Dec-20 12:45:30

When I use Hermes to send return items I just scan the barcode at the local shop and it prints a label to stick on.

GrandmasueUK Thu 31-Dec-20 13:00:38

Parcelcompare has been brilliant for me this month. Weigh and measure, choose the courier and date for delivery, print off labels - if you can't they will do it for you. Picked up from home and delivered to Portugal for less than 1/3 of cost of Royal Mail. They were huge parcels. One was even delivered in less than 24 hours, door to door (I only paid for it to be delivered within the week). 5 yr old grandson wondering what they were grin