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Strange Facebook friend requests

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Daddima Sun 15-Nov-20 18:47:40

Since the Bodach died I have been receiving friend requests on Facebook from single men. Their profiles show only one picture, and most of them have only had posts made within the previous hour. They are usually in America. Now I did not say on my page that I am widowed, and it may be coincidence, and these are possible scammers. Has anyone else received these? I’ve attached a sample .

Aldom Sun 15-Nov-20 19:14:47

I have received two or three similar requests from men. I delete them and also click the 'scam' button.

moggie57 Sun 15-Nov-20 19:18:09

you need to check your security and friends lists ...other than that dont add them as a friend decline and delete....

MrsThreadgoode Sun 15-Nov-20 19:34:59

Most people don’t realise that their FB Friends might not have a privacy setting so that your details may be available to others.

Daddima Sun 15-Nov-20 19:53:07

I always do report the pages, but when I checked one a few days ago the page had disappeared. It does seem a rather roundabout way to ensnare gullible females, but I’m sure on the TV programme about the man who murdered his wife and daughters they said she had met him through a Facebook friend request.

Elegran Sun 15-Nov-20 20:21:29

Just delete them - don't even decline, that shows that you have reacted. They may be friends of friends, but they may also just be chancers who send a friend request to every facebook poster they view, and that could be dozens a day, hundreds if they belong to a lot of groups or respond to a lot of pages.

When I first joined Skype, my username was my name plus the last two digits of my year of birth ( I had to add a number.) I received loads of friend requests from blokes who described themselves as "generals in the US army", complete with photos of muscly men in uniform. I decided enough was enough and changed my username to be my name plus my age, which was a much larger number than the previous one. The supply of new friends dried up instantly.

I was telling an ex-forces friend about this recently, and added that the US army must consist of all generals, and no privates. I won't repeat his reply.

Blossoming Sun 15-Nov-20 21:18:39

I have my FB security quite high but still get these from time to time. I block and report as fake profiles.

Georgesgran Sun 15-Nov-20 23:58:27

My 70 year old DH keeps getting FB requests from beautiful well-endowed ladies from Russia.
Obviously they haven’t seen him!

NanKate Mon 16-Nov-20 00:36:27

You did make me laugh Georgesgran 👍

welbeck Mon 16-Nov-20 01:23:32

i'm glad i don't have/do FB.
i don't understand it, and all the above would alarm me.

Bellasnana Mon 16-Nov-20 05:44:49

This has never happened to me on FB and I have been on it for over ten years. I never accept friend requests from people who are not my friends, even if I recognise them as friends of friends.

I don’t use Skype any more but it was notorious for the photos of ‘US military’ types who are, in actual fact, scammers from Africa.

I play Scrabble on line and I must admit I delete most requests from men as I am sick of them trying to use it as a dating site.

Ashcombe Mon 16-Nov-20 06:03:28

Nor me, Bellasnana, I’m glad to say, but I can understand the distress it might cause. I would advise that you revisit your settings, Daddima, to check that only your friends can see your profile.

Callistemon Mon 16-Nov-20 15:41:54

I get lots of friend requests; I do semi-recognise them as friends of friends but have never been lucky enough to receive any from such a rugged chap as that, Daddima!

I just hide them or delete them all.

Callistemon Mon 16-Nov-20 15:42:58

Yes, do check your privacy settings and make sure they are set at the highest level, Daddima.

lindiann Mon 16-Nov-20 16:00:59

TrendyNannie6 Sun 06-Dec-20 22:32:31


ElaineI Sun 06-Dec-20 22:41:22

agree go through your privacy settings and delete them. I never add anyone I don't know. Also be aware of public sites as they might not have the same privacy as you.

LisaAlsop Wed 14-Jul-21 09:05:37

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FarNorth Wed 14-Jul-21 09:32:19

I recently got a friend request from someone who is already my friend on FB.
It was the same photo as before, with a little dove added.
I assumed he'd had to create a new profile for some reason and added him.
After a couple of messages, tho, it was obvious this wasn't my friend - grammar mistakes and mention of an investment opportunity.

I reported it as impersonating my friend, and it soon vanished.

FarNorth Wed 14-Jul-21 09:36:28

On my laptop, but not on the mobile, FB has an option to see my page as it looks to the public (who are not my FB friends).
That way I can check it is not showing anything I don't want it to.

Alegrias1 Wed 14-Jul-21 09:41:36

I've had a couple of those recently. Always a good looking chap with a dog. Quite often ex-army in the US. hmm

It doesn't matter how high your privacy settings are, your name and probably picture are available to all. So my FB profile pic isn't a picture of me.

Like somebody upthread said, just delete it, don't even respond.

geekesse Wed 14-Jul-21 09:47:37

I don’t usually reply to threads reactivated but spammers, but here’s a tip. Use Google images to look up the photo on the profile of these dodgy requests. In almost all cases, you’ll find the image belongs to someone with a different name and personal details.

Callistemon Wed 14-Jul-21 10:06:38

Good idea, geekesse

Incidentally, did anyone else notice that his dog looks like Yoda?

Forestflame Sun 25-Jul-21 23:57:54

If I get a friend request from someone whom I am already friends with I ways check with them before accepting it. Most times it is genuine but sometimes it turns out they have been hacked.

blondenana Mon 26-Jul-21 01:10:36

Yes I have had about ,8,or,,9 this week alone ,I just delete