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mrsmopp Thu 07-Jan-21 10:49:41

We used like playing scrabble using an app called Words with Friends. However it has now changed out of all recognition and has lots of flashy jazzy intrusions which are distracting.
Can anyone recommend a basic online scrabble game for my iPad? Preferably free? Is there one?

henetha Thu 07-Jan-21 10:54:22

I play Classic Words on my phone. It's exactly like Scrabble with no silly flashing or nosies. However, I play the old version and have deliberately not upgraded to the newer version as I suspected it would be jazzed up.

Genty Thu 07-Jan-21 11:25:37

Theres an app for the ipad called Upwords, you can play against the computer or go on line and play. Theres also Scrabble Go.

Farmor15 Thu 07-Jan-21 11:45:52

Definitely Classic Words. There’s a free version which has exactly same rules as Scrabble. Only problem is that words allowed have changed since I used to play Scrabble.

Genty Thu 07-Jan-21 11:52:57


Definitely Classic Words. There’s a free version which has exactly same rules as Scrabble. Only problem is that words allowed have changed since I used to play Scrabble.

The main problem with the word game apps is that they are mostly american and the spelling is different in a lot of words, try placing an english spelling ie colour, the game wont accept it as its spelt color in america.

yggdrasil Thu 07-Jan-21 12:22:39

If you have facebook there is Lexulous. Different from scrabble in details because of copyright, but just as good

cornishpatsy Thu 07-Jan-21 13:09:39

Word Chums on Facebook.

Casdon Thu 07-Jan-21 13:14:17

Can you play with others on Classic Words? I play with my friend on Scrabble Go, you can select the English dictionary on there - but the adverts are annoying, and you get prompted to collect ‘prizes’ which we don’t want. She isn’t on Facebook, and doesn’t use an iPad unfortunately.

Grammaretto Thu 07-Jan-21 13:21:14

I play scrabblego on my phone. It's either American or English. You can choose.
I have one facebook friend on it so it must be a facebook app.
You get used to the allowed words.
My children are shocked when I tell them that André wants to form a proper meaningful relationship....
I just stop playing him but some do use it as a dating site.

Farmor15 Thu 07-Jan-21 13:36:06

I don’t think you can play with others on basic Classic words. Dictionary seems to be same as current official Scrabble and allows both British and American spelling. I sometimes use to ‘cheat’ and see what words I could make with letters including blanks!

You can set the difficulty level to suit your ability and make it harder as you improve.

It was someone on Gransnet who introduced me to Classic Words and now I’ve caused other family members and friends to become addicted!

mrsmopp Thu 07-Jan-21 17:56:53

Thank for t the tip on Classic Words it’s perfect and I’ve e
enjoyed it tremendously today.
I’m sure the FB ones are fine too, but this one will keep me happy for some time.
Words with Friends that I used to enjoy has been ruined with flashy popp ups and distractions, ugh.
Thanks for the tip!
And I beat the computer!!

Poppyred Thu 07-Jan-21 18:40:18

I play Words with Friends and don’t get any flashy pop ups??

JackyB Sat 09-Jan-21 08:20:58

I have been playing Classic Words since it was recommended on Gransnet some time ago. If you sign in to Google Play you can then play against others but I'm not sure I want to do that. You certainly need to play against the "droid" for a while to find out the words that can be used. It allows some very rude words. I try and avoid them but sometimes the letters don't give me anything else.

Sometimes I despair that the "droid" isn't using any strategy which is a bit frustrating. For example it will never use all 7 letters and sometimes it passes when I can see that it could have made one of its obscure 2 letter words. Also it often makes a word that stops short of the triple word square. This is a sort of strategy I suppose because it prevents the other player benefitting from the triple word.

I have the level set at "very hard" both on my phone and on my tablet but funnily enough, I hardly ever lose on the tablet, but I find it hard to win on my phone!

I think I've spent too much time on it, judging by the length of this post and the amount I can find to say on the subject.