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Supermarket Swaps for On Line Shopping

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Shropshirelass Wed 20-Jan-21 10:12:27

I read a really funny thread this morning on the strange swaps supermarkets have made with online orders. Though we could have a thread to bring a bit of cheer to a miserable day. What have you had sent to you?

aonk Wed 20-Jan-21 10:22:41

Good morning! I’ve just had my delivery and put everything away. Today’s substitute was fusilli pasta for lasagne sheets! The funniest was in the first lockdown when I asked for antibacterial wipes and received a tube of antiseptic cream!

4xGranny Wed 20-Jan-21 10:46:21

My Tesco shop is usually very good with sensible substitutions if any. However I once ordered mint sauce and they sent horseradish! I would have thought another brand or size would be more appropriate.

BigBertha1 Wed 20-Jan-21 10:50:51

I have had onions for oranges.

Urmstongran Wed 20-Jan-21 11:00:26

This made me laugh. Not so much a swap but happened at click & collect.

Daughter in Yorkshire did a click & collect order. She & partner take turns doing it. The weather was awful and they didn’t want to go out. She got on with it yet was surprised when her 90 odd limit was reached without fulfilling all their shopping needs. Oh well. She pressed submit.

She told her partner the shopping can be collected tomorrow but we still need to drive out locally later for some essentials. He wasn’t a happy bunny, thought it strange but needs must.

Next day daughter backed into space for C&C. A young lad brought out her baskets and stacked them in the boot. As she thanked him he was just about to walk away, stopped, turned round and asked ‘sorry, we’re all just a bit curious. what do you want 41 tins of tuna for?’

‘WHAT??? OMG I only wanted 4! Must have back spaced to put a 4 in front of the number 1 that was already in the on-line box‼️

She’d ordered them in spring water, the store only had 35 tins so had to complete with 6 in sunflower oil. Hence the curiosity of the Tesco staff! Much laughter and a return of tuna and a refund ensued. That local shop the day before in bad weather had been totally unnecessary!

PippaZ Wed 20-Jan-21 11:52:20

As I understand it the computer suggests the alternatives. I keep getting offered a gluten free seeded loaf in exchange for a gluten free "tiger" loaf and I have to refuse it as I will not be able to eat it. The lovely team at the supermarket have got to know me as some of my "free froms" are regularly a challenge to their ordering system. I am usually only too happy to accept the alternative.

The other week the lovely young man who has been part of the team from the beginning seemed to be a bit delayed in loading my car - another one came and went and still no groceries. One of the team shouted over that he had gone into the store to get a none-seeded bread for me - definitely above and beyond in service. They are always cheerful, even in the cold and snow last week and I think they are much, much better than the computer. smile

Septimia Wed 20-Jan-21 12:58:12

Our first online shop during the first lockdown brought several replacements, some of which were fine - like coloured loo paper instead of white.

However, DH wanted Worcestershire Sauce for his tomato juice. That not being available they sent a jar of pickle. Somehow it didn't quite do the same job!