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Sashabel Wed 27-Jan-21 14:47:40

I've been waking up for the last few weeks (probably months) with a headache and back pain and finally the penny dropped and I realised my mattress is the cause. It is a full memory foam one and is over 12 years old. I like to sit up and read in bed for an hour or so before settling down to sleep and on close inspection I have noticed a defined dip on my side of the bed. Luckily, I am single so can move over to the other side which better, but not ideal.
It's so long since I have had to buy a mattress and with lockdown it has been very daunting. Every time I found one I thought would be perfect it had either a 12 week delivery wait, had a small amount of negative feedback which put me off, was made in China (I won't knowingly support the Chinese economy) or was incredibly expensive.
I think it was easier to buy my house or car than it has been finding a suitable mattress.
Does anyone have any experience of buying a mattress without trying it first?

tanith Wed 27-Jan-21 15:47:30

My daughter bought an Emma mattress she’s says it’s the most comfortable mattress she’s slept on.

Aldom Wed 27-Jan-21 15:55:23

My daughter, who suffers from back pain, recently bought an Emma mattress. She bought hers from John Lewis when they had a 30% discount. She is totally satisfied with the mattress. Service from John Lewis was excellent, and for a fee they will remove your old mattress.

Casdon Wed 27-Jan-21 17:04:25

There’s an offer on Emma mattresses direct from the company at the moment, I ordered one for my son on Sunday, and it’s arrived today. He had a Simba (single) before, which is excellent, but it was over £100 more to buy the same double so we took the chance on the Emma. His bedroom is being decorated so he won’t get the chance to try it for a few days, so I’m glad those who have it rate it. We went for the hybrid, which has both pocket springs and memory foam. The only thing I would say is it is heavy to move, it took two of us to get the box upstairs with a struggle.

midgey Wed 27-Jan-21 17:09:56

I recently bought a hybrid mattress, it is very heavy and requires turning/switching round every week! I wouldn’t have bought it if I had known that!

Casdon Wed 27-Jan-21 17:13:20

Oh dear midgey. Do you know what type it is? Fortunately you don’t need to turn Emma.

NfkDumpling Wed 27-Jan-21 17:44:16

If its a Tempur one, it should have a 15 year guarantee I think. There shouldn't be a dip on your side. It may be worth contacting the company. Also our Tempur one says never to turn it.

We had one of the original Tempur mattresses and it must be at least 18 years old and is still going strong. We've never turned the mattress.

Calendargirl Wed 27-Jan-21 17:50:37

Why do certain mattresses not need turning?

GrandmasueUK Wed 27-Jan-21 17:54:54

We have an Emma mattress and love it. I had been having backache for a couple of years. No ache after the first night! It's now a couple of years old.

Casdon Wed 27-Jan-21 18:00:16

The Emma one is layered, with the memory foam on the top and the pocket springs underneath, and the construction means the memory foam bounces back on its own, it ventilates itself through the way it is constructed, according to what I read on the website anyway.

MiniMoon Wed 27-Jan-21 18:00:47

Instructions with my emma mattress said to rotate it top to bottom. I'm afraid I can't remember how often though.

Opal Wed 27-Jan-21 18:07:01

We've just bought an Otty mattress, springs and memory foam, very comfortable, arrived in a few days.

Casdon Wed 27-Jan-21 18:11:26

We do that with my sons Simba MiniMoon, presumable it’s so the memory foam gets more even use? It’s not hard though because you can do it on your own with the mattress still on the bed, whereas turning a mattress will need two people - or at least that’s my feeling with the Emma we have received today.

Blondiescot Wed 27-Jan-21 18:16:20

I have a Nectar mattress, which is similar to the Emma/Simba etc, and I have to say it is the most comfortable mattress I've ever had. It doesn't need turning either.

Sashabel Wed 27-Jan-21 18:44:02

Thanks for all the informative replies. I won't be considering the Otty or the Nectar mattresses as they are made in China, but I will look further into the Emma and Simba brands which are UK manufactured. I have also found a Relyon mattress that looks good. I think I have now decided to get a hybrid mattress with pockets springs.

Auntieflo Wed 27-Jan-21 23:18:15

We bought a new mattress, just before Christmas, from this company. It came quickly , but is very heavy.
We had two young, strong neighbours, who carried it upstairs for us.
Since then both of us have slept well, and no more back ache.

Grany Wed 27-Jan-21 23:33:40

Wow this would be out of people's price range.

Queen Elizabeth II, 94, is reported to have spent more than £100,000 on a bed a new study by Mattress Next Day has found. The Queen's bespoke bed is made of luxury materials including cashmere and horsehair and saw the royal spend more than Jay Z and Beyonce on sleeping arrangements according to the study.

harrigran Fri 05-Feb-21 12:10:27

The best mattress we ever had was Hulsta, in fact we were so pleased with it we have bought another two since.